Monday, April 29, 2013


Is there such a thing as a TOO-GOOD mother?

You know, the one who keeps an immaculate house.

Prepares an organic, unprocessed, home cooked, original meal every night of the week AND stays within the food budget.

Has the laundry done and folded and nicely placed in everyone's drawers. (No one need ever scour the dirty clothes hamper for not-too-filthy socks.)

Knits sweaters with certified organic alpaca yarn.

Never yells.

Never cries.

Wears high heels without falling.

Has perfect hair.

Is never sharp, prickly or selfish.

Is never late. 

Has a craft prepared for every holiday and for every holiday a craft.

Anticipates her child's every need. He need never ask for anything. He need never wait.

But best of all, she destroys any chance her children have of ever being happy with a spouse, because they'll always be comparing either themselves or their spouse to HER.

All my shortcomings as a parent are actually Gifts to my children, because there are more important personality traits than perfection.

Now, don't you feel better?


  1. I felt better as soon as you said she never cries...THAT is when I knew something was up!

  2. Great post. Next time I look at the mess around the house, I'll remind myself of this. Maybe that'll chase the guilt away. :)

  3. I always made a point of thanking a friend if she had laundry out on the dining table or had filled up the couch with unfolded clothes ... "thank you for making sure I'm not the only one who don't have the perfect house when people come over"

  4. Oh, gosh, until the organic alpaca yarn, I thought you were talking about me! Um, not. :) (Actually, the alpaca yarn might be the only point that applies to me...)
    I think we all need to strive towards being "perfect" but only in the ways that matter...unselfishness, love, patience, etc. So often our desire for the perfect house and the perfect image just get in the way of what matters most: loving our children.

  5. Did you write this about me? Lol! Just kidding.

  6. Fortunately, there aren't too many of these perfect ones around. :)

  7. omg, this is brilliant (and funny too!)
    I feel like framing this and showing it to my kids every time they're critical!
    I'm a brilliant mother, and I'm giving them wonderful gifts!!!!


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