Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Decision (And a Mother's Day Bonus!)

We tried.

You tried.

But the consensus? It was just too close to call.

We can't tell who ate more ice cream!

Besides, it's like Theresa Milstein said in her comment on Janet's post, "How can anyone lose in a game of ice cream?"

I also agree with Andrea that NEXT TIME (because of course there will be a next time!) we will have to have a couple of those mail scales on hand so we can weigh the ice cream and decide that way. OR, as Julie suggested, we could just eat the entire pint and see who finishes first. (*groan*) Yes, next time we'll be smarter.

Either way, our lack of a decision is still GREAT news because now everyone who voted for either person will be entered in the drawing! Hurray! *throws pints of Ben & Jerry's*

We'll announce the winner Monday, so be sure to come back to find out if it was you!

As a compensating bonus today, even though it's post-Mother's-Day, I want to throw a funny video at you that my friend, Hersha, helped produce (her sister is the star & she has a cameo appearance). You probably already know (because it says so in my bio off in the side bar) that I grew up in Hong Kong. This one's set in Hong Kong, and even though there are several snippets of this video that make me want to rip my eyes out with homesickness (I know that's weird, but it's one of the downsides to being a Third Culture Kid), the mothering aspect applies to moms anywhere in the world. Even if you're not a mom, you'll enjoy it!

Happy belated Mother's Day! (And don't forget to check back on Monday to see if you won our celebratory giveaway! Yeep!)


  1. Yep...with ice cream involved, everyone wins. :) I'm getting hungry for some chocolate chip cookie dough just writing about it!

  2. I am also getting hungry for some ice cream as I type this... LOL. Looking forward to Monday's post Amy and happy belated Mothers Day. :)

  3. I'm with Faith. Ice cream is full of win.

    And that video--hilarious! Love it.

  4. Where was I when this contest took place? Looks like fun! Yum!

    Funny video!

  5. You guys are so funny! My daughter recently gave up dairy, so I guess we would have to have a sorbet eating contest. But it sounds like you had a lot of fun. :)

  6. Did I somehow miss an ice cream throw down? Dammit! ;) The video cracked me up. Happy belated Mother's Day to you too Amy!!