Sunday, August 25, 2013

Time Flies When You're ... Busy?


We're wrapping up summer around here. My two biggest kids head back to school tomorrow.

Guys, I'll admit, I'm terrified of this school year. My oldest daughter is heading to MIDDLE SCHOOL, for one thing. For another, I'm home schooling one of my kids (never home schooled before) so she can keep up her rigorous gymnastics practice schedule. My second-youngest is off to preschool. And my littlest will be in daycare a couple hours a day.

So many changes! And logistics!

I hope I still have hair by the end of the semester.

There's been some highlights of this month, though, that I haven't posted about yet. 

Signing my contract!
Editorial letter arrived!
Made dinner! ... oh wait, that's not a highlight.
Anything to celebrate or stress about? We can party/have group therapy in the comments!


  1. So exciting! (And hey, I bet your kids considered your making dinner a highlight! Mine sure seem to--or maybe that's just because we tend to have a lot of cereal and milk when I'm anywhere near as busy as you are. :)

  2. LOL! When I make dinner, it's always a highlight because I have been LAZY about it. :)

    You have had an awesome August, and you will rock your crazy schedule. I know it!

  3. I will party with you. Tomorrow I send my kids to school. Woo hoo! (Does that make me a bad mom?) :)

    I'm sure you'll do great with the home schooling.

  4. You have quite a lot on your plate, but I know you will do it all. I want to know more about that editorial letter...

  5. Hey, my oldest started HIGH school!!! But it's all good. You are juggling a lot, Amy. Enjoy and keep your hair.

  6. I meant my older one ... I only have two kiddos. Ever the editor.

  7. Best of luck. Middle school should be a piece of cake though. I loved, loved, loved it!!!! And so does my middle schooler!!!! I guess that is why we chose to write for the middle grade and tween audiences. Our humorous urban fantasy, Mason Davis and the Rise of the Storm Makers just came out this summer. So that is our cause of celebration. The last few weeks though have caused my boys to get into an arguement last night and a thorough investigation as to who may have stepped under a ladder, broken a mirror, or opened an umbrella in the house. We've had a great grandmother pass away, a grandmother fall and break her hip, the plumbing went out and the cable was clipped during the dig and temporarily out-of-service, and the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher at my parents' house (the place we are staying while plumbing gets fixed) all broke last night. Sigh. Then 10 minutes after I put the kids to bed in my parents' guest room, they came running into the other guest room claiming the room is haunted. The result was I slept in bed with my 3 boys last night because they were too afraid to sleep alone. I bet we all sleep good tonight~!


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