Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hong Kong Trip: Day 3

What a fabulous time we're having!

I met my friend Jacqueline (@Lantaumama) through Twitter and our writerly friend Susan Blumberg-Kason. She lives on South Lantau and when she found out I was coming to Hong Kong, she offered to drive us around the island. I'd asked her questions before on Twitter about how South Lantau feels in a typhoon, so she knew one of my books was set there. We didn't experience a typhoon on our trip (thankfully), but we did get a black rain storm warning, which is actually more appropriate for the book. Serendipity!  Jacqueline braved a very wet day to take us around and was an amazing, knowledgeable tour guide. I learned so much about the area and culture and it was wonderful to meet her in person.

Here we are on the bridge in the Lantau fishing village, Tai O.

An original shop-house still in use (shop downstairs, house upstairs), Tai O

Houses on stilts in Tai O, with waterfall behind

Village houses, South Lantau Island

Tumble-down residence, licensed property, in a South Lantau village

Water buffalo field

We took the ferry back from Lantau to Central. You can see the IFC Building with its top in the clouds.

Standing below the IFC building
A huge thank you to Jacqueline. We had a magical third day on South Lantau!


  1. How exciting to meet up with someone like that. I think I am going to google "black rain" now...sounds sever!