Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to School (Alternate Title: AM I CRAZY?!)

My kids went back to school last week.

For a lot of people, kids back in school means a little more sanity for parents, but in our case life just gets crazier. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled about our new schedule this year. But I can't say it's an easy schedule. It's a crazy schedule. If I talk to anyone about it, they think I've gone off the deep end.

But that's what happens when you have a child with emotional needs that aren't being met in traditional school, another child who is in hyper gymnastics mode (more on that later), you're never home (because of child in hyper gymnastics mode), and neither is your significant other (football coach).

I have kids in four school districts this year. Not just four schools, but four DISTRICTS. You can stop laughing now.

I never knew I was a logistics person until I became a mom of older kids who all wanted to go in different directions. Now my life is ruled by logistics and schedule. I used to think of myself as a pretty free spirit. No longer. My days are strictly planned out without much wiggle room. That's okay, though. We're getting done what we need to get done. We're trying our best to meet everyone's needs. And so far, so good!

I didn't mean to write all this. I just meant to post a picture of my cute kids on their first day at school. So here they are:

(If you're interested in details: My oldest started at a school in the town where my eight-year-old does gymnastics. It's a great program where she can take online school for a couple classes and go to other classes in a physical classroom in the afternoon. More time with me, but not all day. My son is the only one still going to school in our town. My eight-year-old is doing online public school through Washington Virtual Academy, and my kindergartener is an hour bus ride away at a tiny school that meets only four days a week, where they wear uniform and have breakfast and lunch provided (and she loves it!). My three-year-old starts pre-school next week. Not sure if I'm ready for THAT! But it will give me writing time. Hopefully.)

The great news about gymnastics-child is that she is one of about one-hundred eight-year-olds from the whole country who qualified to go to Houston, Texas in October to try out for the national team. Squeeeee!

Pray for us! (Seriously.)


  1. Hi Amy - they're a delight to see ... love your son's expression! Gosh what a lot of logistics .. here and there ... still sounds like you're organised ... and certainly good luck to your gymnastics- child ... Happy school term - cheers Hilary

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I need a nap just reading that. Yes, older kids and sports schedule can be uber-busy and the first year I nearly died from the schlepping around, but when I see how much they love it and benefit from it, I am glad we chose to let them participate. It gets easier Amy when the kids get to be in high school. Hang in there. I am praying for you. I love the picture and I can't believe how tall Olivia is!!! Sweet.

  3. I've only got two and I feel like I'm running all the time. Plus, they're both in the same school this year.

    I love the picture. The girls are all so cute with these sweet smiles. And then you've got Mr. Cool standing in back with the half-smile, nod thing going. :)

  4. Four Districts! You are Super Mom! Love the picture of very happy children, whatever you're doing don't stop :)