Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Back from Karolyi Ranch

We got back from Houston yesterday. What a fun trip we had! Anna did a great job testing, so now we're waiting a few weeks for the results. 

I don't have high expectations. I'm just glad she had fun, showed her best to the judges, and that we got to experience the Karolyi Ranch with our friends. What a cool place! 

Here are a few pictures:

Handstands at the Walk of Fame, Karolyi Ranch


The girls and their coaches
Right before testing: Anna covered her face in sparkles, which is why she looks slightly alien-like. 

I also got to have dinner with my dear friend and critique partner, Kristin Rae (author of the YA, WISH YOU WERE ITALIAN). Her six-week-old baby, Layla, is soooo adorable! We had a blast and even conspired together over secret projects. (So excited!!) 



  1. I'm a reader...but always drawn by photos

    ...and smiles

  2. Great pics! These sort of times are memories that will last forever. Cherish them.

  3. Amazing. So cool that you and Anna had this experience. Great things ahead for her, always, I'm sure!! And what a precious little babe! Aw.

  4. Hi Amy - so pleased for you .. and just great Anna had fun. What an experience for you both .. and lovely you met up with Kristin Rae and baby Layla ... sweetie pie .. cheers Hilary