Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Share the Love

I love receiving blog awards, but I love to pass them on even more. (It's just a matter of getting around to it, I'm afraid!)

First, thank you to Sharon, who waited a long time for me to thank her publicly for this award (so cute):

Thank you to Krista Lynne Jensen  who passed on these two lovely awards:

And a big thank you to Shallee who gave me this award:

Thank you to all three of you for thinking I'm sweet and lovely and versatile and creative (or at least for thinking my blog is one of those things). My love-cup is running over.

And now for the good part -- passing them on to some new blogging friends! So, if you are named to receive a reward, accept one that you don't already have and enjoy!
Mimi in Dublin who likes chocolate (and food) as much as I do.

Molly over atWriter Mama Dreamer who is my friend and dancing buddy from the LA SCBWI conference (and fellow Washingtonian).

Jackee over at Winded Words who is such a sweet blogging friend.

Dawn over at Plotting and Scheming, my other friend and dancing buddy from the LA conference (and fellow Washingtonian, too) ... By the way, she and Molly do have separate identities and they both have awesome blogs, so check them both out. I know I'm making them sound like clones, but they're not. Promise.

Janet Sumner Johnson who is a very cool blogging buddy.

Julie Musil who is awesome (but who happens to have a very scary picture posted on her blog today. Not of her. Of an antagonist. But still.)

Elise over at Once, Oh Marvelous Once (fantastic blog name, right?) who blogs about all sorts of cool stuff all the time.

Becky, who has a really cool history with my husband's family. She used to live in our town as a child and we randomly met through Rachelle Gardner's blog. Small (blogging) world!

And I'd like to give one of these awards back to Sharon (even though she's not a *new* blog friend), Krista Lynne Jensen (who I have a ton in common with, btw), and Shallee (who is having a contest!).

Now, I think the rules say I have to say some interesting/random things about myself. I know I already did this once long ago, but my archives are not being helpful. Sorry for any repeats. I only have a limited number of interesting things about myself.

So, here we go, in no particular order.
  1. My parents live in Hong Kong. So does my younger sister. I lived there for 13 years, from age 5 to 18. I would really like to visit this summer if we can scrape together money for seven plane tickets.
  2. I played bass clarinet in high school.
  3. One of my favorite movies is Lady Jane, starring Helena Bonham Carter, about the historic figure Jane Grey who was Queen of England for nine days. Such a romantic movie and it makes me cry every time.
  4. I am almost ten years older than my little brother.
  5. I am expecting baby number five in January. Still feeling slightly overwhelmed by that prospect. All my other children were born in China. This will be my first USA-born baby.
  6. When we lived in China, I had a household helper who came twice a week to help me clean and cook and do shopping. Therefore, I am very spoiled and it's hard to adjust to life in America doing all my own housework. Which is why I obsess about it on my blog. But there are some things that make American life much easier: our car, our dishwasher, our clothes dryer, and American grocery stores with American groceries.
  7. I really hate canned tuna. I'm not a tuna casserole type of girl. Or a tuna sandwich type of girl.
That's all for today, my friends. Make it a great day!


  1. Awww . . . thanks! What a fun surprise. :D You totally made my day.

    And seriously, how nice would that be to have help to do all our lovely daily, endless, monotonous chores *sigh* (but I'm not complaining! Really.). ;)

  2. Amy, I'm so honored, thank you! And thankful to have found your blog. I enjoy it so much!

    I'm with totally made my day, too, and I'm trying hard not to be jealous of the thought of help with housework. I'm afraid I have a green bathtub, too. : )

  3. Great random facts. I didn't realize all your kids were born in China. That must have been quite the shock, culturally speaking, to move to the US.

  4. Aw, thanks for the award! And thanks for sharing the info about yourself-- it's nice to get to know a few personal details about blogging buddies!

  5. Congrats on all the great awards!

  6. Congratulations on all of the awards, Amy...You have a wonderful blog and deserve all of them and more. :)

    We have more in common than I thought...Most of my family lives overseas (England). I'm desperate to go home...(stupid economy!) I have a Lady Jane Grey Doll! We had a house keeper when I worked...If (scratch that...when I start making money selling books) I'll have one again. If Mama(not that I go by Mama) is happy everyone is happy...

    Have a wonderful week, friend....

  7. Thank you so much Amy!! I am very flattered!! I really enjoy reading your blog so it means a lot to me that you picked me!! Congratulations on your awards as well, you certainly deserve them :)

  8. Congrats on the awards, Amy. I'm really bad with handing them out. I think at one point I had to hand out ten (because I kept putting it off). I've since given up. I still have a few floating around.

    I forgot your family still lived in China.

    My mom had a helper when she lived in Thailand. It was quite the adjustment moving back to Canada. Of course she doesn't have 4 + kids to look after. I don't know how you do it . . . and still write. You are amazing! You definitely deserved the awards. :D

  9. Oh, Amy! Thank you so much!! Both for the award and the links to new cool people. :o)

    And it was great getting to know you. I'm the oldest of five and think any woman who has five is superhuman. At least my mom was and from what I know of you, you are too!!

    Have a wonderful day.


  10. Congratulations on the awards and thank you for the links. I love visiting new blogs.

  11. Amy, thank you so much!
    This is a bit like winning a prize in a raffle, and getting to go up and take your pick!
    And congrats, I didn't know you were expecting a baby, so exciting, even 5th time round.
    See you soon! Still enjoying the choc cherries. Yum!

  12. You are so sweet! Thanks so much. I appreciate the award and the shout out (even with the creepy picture of the Joker)

    As soon as I read your bit about Lady Jane, I rushed over to Netflix and put it on my list. I'll watch that this weekend. I love that whole story, but I didn't realize there was a movie about it. Thank you!

  13. Thanks so much, Amy! You are the sweetest. : ) It was SO much fun hanging out (and dancing!) with you in Los Angeles. We MUST do it again sometime (perhaps when baby #5 is a wee bit older). I love hearing about your life and little tidbits about your childhood. FYI, you're probably better off without tuna anyway, what with the mercury in our oceans! I actually love it, but try to limit myself. : ) Advice from my naturopath! Take care!

  14. Thank you, Amy! You are so sweet! I loved meeting you and hanging out with you! I can't wait to do it again at a future event!

    It was fun to read your list of interesting Amy facts. I would love to have a household helper. I've never seen Lady Jane. I just told my daughter we'll have to watch it together. :)

  15. Congrats on your awards and to all the lovely new winners!

    It was fun reading your random facts. I don't think I've ever met anyone who dislikes tuna as much as you seem to. ;)

  16. I saw Lady Jane at the movie shop the other day and sighed - one of my favourites too. Of course, I was originally steered to it by my love of Wesley/the Dread Pirate Roberts aka Cary Elwes, but I came to love Lady Jane (the movie) just as much...