Monday, August 27, 2012

In Which I Embarrass Myself in the Name of Hacky Sacks

First of all, please please please check out my partner in mischief Janet Johnson's Ethnic Musical Challenge video, because hers is WAY better than mine. She raises the bar on Hacky Sack video challenges by incorporating Bollywood and tying it into writing & blogs. Plus, she's an amazing dancer and actually EDITED her video. It's a MUST SEE.

And now, on to the challenge.

I have chosen to enlighten you all with my amazing Chinese opera skillz.

I'm singing a couple little snippets from the third scene of the famous Yueju opera, BUTTERFLY LOVERS.

This is a very short snippet and is in fact two different parts of a scene that I've mashed together for the sake of brevity. I'm supposed to have someone singing another part at one point, so I just hummed it.

(Many thanks to my videographer-daughter, Olivia.)

Performing in China with my teacher, Zhang Laoshi.

After the performance with my tiny kids.

And this is only for the VERY interested among you. I found scene three of an actual BUTTERFLY LOVERS performance on Youtube (Whoot!). The part I learned with my teacher was from the beginning through about the six-minute mark. Now you can see how truly bad I am by watching the professionals!

Would YOU like to join the Hacky Sack Club and make embarrassing videos of yourself? OF COURSE YOU WOULD! Join, join, join! Let Janet or me know if you want to post a video and we'll add you to our Hacky Sack Club Wall of Fame. Come on, you know you want to!

Have you ever watched Chinese opera before? Do you like it?


  1. Who knew, lady?! My kids came running in the room and then I insisted I replay it!

    You rock in this house!
    ~ Wendy

  2. Wow, that's nothing like what I had to learn for school.

    Sorry, no embarrassing videos from this girl. :D

    Now to see what Janet did . . . .

  3. Amy, you are just so talented! I love the pictures to go with it. And I LOVE that you shared the other clip. I feel so cultured! :)

    And I'm with Wendy. You totally ROCK!

  4. That's supposed to be embarrassing? Holy smokes, you can sing! I've only seen Chinese opera in Chinese movies, and only excerpts. Off to check your partner-in-crime's blog.

  5. Wow, I've never heard Chinese opera. My first impression is that--how can I describe it? In western opera, they practically swallow their voices by putting the focus very low in the throat. This is just the opposite, with the focus up near the nose. I suspect either way lets you project better without killing your voice, but I'm not much of a vocalist. Am I way off?

    It's very good, at any rate, Amy. (So many pitch changes!)

  6. Did this just happen? This is amazing Amy. Simply amazing. Wow, so much talent here... I'm impressed.

  7. This was a new cultural experience for me. Awesome! My kids thought it was very cool.

  8. WOW! I am just speechless! You like totally sing Chinese Opera! That's amazing. So like do you have some Asian background or something that got you into this? I'm just sayin. That's not your run of the mill, "Hey, Mom, I think I'll learn Chinese opera" kind of thing--LOL! :D

    Very nice! I'm impressed! :o) <3

  9. LOVE!! How many talents do you have, girl? That was awesome!

    I'm putting up an embarrassing vlog with my sister this Thursday which includes Broadway tunes, would that count? There's no hacky-sack included.
    Catherine Denton

  10. No, I do not want to make embarrassing videos of myself and post them. I will watch yours though! :)

    Never seen any type of opera, much less Chinese. Pretty cool though.

  11. You're waaayy to hard on yourself, I think you were great. I actually preferred listening to you, even though I enjoyed the other clip too.
    Hadn't heard/seen Chinese opera before, I love it! I am a fan of The Met, but this is much lighter, and uplifting.
    Thanks for sharing, all of it!

  12. I've never seen Chinese opera before. *enlightened*
    Like Ben said - the pitch is very nasal. I thought you sounded better than the professionals!

  13. Wow Amy! That is amazing!!! Go you!

  14. Are you FRIGGIN KIDDING ME? I've had over a decade of voice lessons and I can't do that. You're amazing! I'm still cowarding in the corner with my version of Jingle Bells/Anakin Kills - haven't yet recorded it for Janet. Sigh.

  15. This is by far the funniest thing I've seen in awhile! Way to put yourself out there!

  16. That's pretty amazing to me! I don't have much experience with Chinese opera, so looks good to me! you can sing, too!! That's so cool.

  17. Wow, pretty cool! I've visiting from Janet's blog.

  18. omg that is AWESOME!!!!!! BRAVA!!

  19. I am not a fan of Chinese Opera, but you sing very well. You look like a young version of the actress Sean Young. Best wishes.