Sunday, August 4, 2013

Janet's EPIC Visit

First of all, I have to say a huge thank you to all of you for all your congratulations when I announced my book deal. You all are WAY too nice to me!!! XOXOXOXO

And now, let the embarrassment begin....

Some of you may remember that Janet "The Bomb" Johnston was going to visit me a few weeks ago on her way to the Oregon Coast. Well, she did. She was actually HERE! I got to meet her cute kids (and her parents and her sister) and we had a great big SLEEPOVER (well, sort of, though not with her parents and her sister ... they went elsewhere). 

Of course, we had to make a video of the two of us together because of the Hacky Sack Club. And of course it had to be a ridiculous video or it would not be worthy of the Hacky Sack name. 

So, here we are. And this pretty much sums up our awesome visit, I think: 

Janet, I love you and I miss you and I hope you make another drive to Oregon Coast from Kansas City NEXT WEEK so you can stop by again. Or you could just move in with us permanently. Even better! I promise to always have Ben & Jerry's in the freezer for you.

Guys, this is why blogging is awesome. Because if I hadn't blogged I wouldn't have met Janet. And if I hadn't met Janet then the Hacky Sack Club would never have happened, and Janet would have driven to the Oregon Coast and straight past Prosser without thinking twice.



  1. Aw, sounds like a great, crazy time! I hope I can meet up with the two of you someday, too!

  2. I'm thinking you guys need to set down the ice cream and do some practicing. :) Sounds like you had a terrific time.

    What kind of B&J ice cream did you guys have?

  3. That was a fun visit (with a stay at my aunts house in the middle). I am glad you had fun! If we were tired of driving, Janet did mention stopping again on the way back.

  4. I love and miss you, too! So next week? Sure! ;) (SO wish I could).

    Suzi is probably right about the practice thing, but SET DOWN OUR ICE CREAM?! That's just crazy talk. lol.


  5. I'm just copy and pasting my comment from Janet's blog: Oh my gosh! I love this and I love both of you. I wish I could have eaten ice cream in my socks and giggled with you both. Ladies. Your hacky sack skills are appalling. As they should be.

  6. That looks like so much fun! Isn't it great when you meet another blogger in person and you click? It's amazing how a love of writing and a history of reading each other's blog posts really can prepare a couple of near-strangers for their first in-person meeting.

    Oh, and what you were saying about blogging being so wonderful because of the people you meet? Every time I think about giving up blogging, I remember that I've met my best writing friends and critique partners through blogging. How can I possibly give that up?

  7. Hi Amy and Janet - your Hacky Sacky Club is such fun - and now will be so different that you've met in person - what a great opportunity ..

    Sounds crazy .. but it is great to meet other blogging friends ..

    Cheers to you both ..Hilary