Sunday, May 24, 2009

Want One? I Do!

My sister Michelle is a creative lady. She uses her amazing sense of style (which must be genetic, but somehow I missed it when I was swimming around the family gene pool) and her ingenuity on the sewing machine (missed that gene too) to make very cool, very practical things:

Coffee cup cozies

Note cards (these aren't made on the sewing machine, but they're still cool)

Most recently ... beautiful folding bags

And lots more!

You can find her at She and her similarly crafty/artsy friend Salome are going to start their own website where you will have the opportunity to purchase this stuff. But until then, you can browse her blog and drool.

And you can wish you were me because I get these things for birthdays and Christmases. *evil laugh* Or, if you are a crafty person, you can take Michelle's designs as inspiration and try them out for yourself. She doesn't mind.

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