Saturday, July 18, 2009

Provision 2

I told you that my husband Aaron (a.k.a. Golden Boy) recently landed a high school teaching job.

I didn't tell you the story behind the job.

Every summer we came back to Aaron's hometown, we inevitably ran into prominent people in the community, like the superintendent and the high school principal, for instance. And every time we ran into these prominent people they made comments like, "Anytime you need a job, Aaron, just let us know!"

So, Aaron believed they meant exactly that. When he needed one, he'd have a job in Prosser.

That was before the country slipped into a recession.

That was before last summer.

When Aaron went to see the superintendant last summer, knowing there was a good chance we'd be moving back after one more year in China, there was no job on a silver platter after all. The word on the street was, "We've got a math position and a fifth grade position open, and no inidication that we'll have anything else to offer next school year."

Aaron is a science teacher. Nope, no science positions available. Sorry, buddy. Try your luck elsewhere.

So, we tossed around the idea of him going back to school. We thought about getting him emergency certification in math. None of these were ideal options, but we figured we didn't have a choice. There were no science jobs in Prosser.

Meanwhile, Aaron's brother moved to town with his family. He left a football head coaching position on the west side and came to Prosser with the intention of taking over the head football position in Prosser when the current head coach stepped down.

The Prosser head coach's sons were going on to college to play football and he wanted to have his Saturdays free to watch them play. He told Aaron's brother that he wanted him to have the head coaching job when he resigned. So, Aaron's brother packed up and came. He planned to spend a year as an assistant coach and step into the head coaching position the following year (this year).

Then the unthinkable happened. The head coaching position opened. Aaron's brother had to apply for the job ... along with everyone else.

His jaw dropped, but he dealt with feelings of betrayal. He put all his effort into the interview and landed the job all on his own.

The other finalist for the head coaching job happened to be a high school science teacher. When he didn't get the head coaching job, he decided to leave. He packed up and moved to another town.

And left ... a science job open behind him. For this year. Ninth grade physical science and tenth grade biology.

We arrived back in the States just in time to complete the application and go to the interview. And now Aaron's a science teacher here in Prosser.


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