Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Confessions of a Writing Fanatic

Many Wednesdays have come and gone since my last WIP Wednesday update.

That's only because of all the technical difficulties that made working on my WIP impossible. Truly impossible.

But last week my mother-in-law solved the last of the dilemmas by purchasing Windows 2007. Aaron downloaded it on this computer, and, voila, I could access my files again.

**enter mass choir singing Hallelujah chorus**

I'm about half-way through my first edit of my Valentine's Day novel. That's the novel I finished the first draft of right before we left China. I'm thinking of titling it Any Day But.

What do you think of that title? Does it make you think of butts? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you think it's stupid, weird, interesting? I'd love your feedback.

As much as I'm enjoying editing my WIP, I'm going to have to take a break for the rest of the week. We're going camping! Yes, the whole family, Aaron, me, the kids, grandma and grandpa, Aunt Christina, Uncle Benji, and all the cousins. We're going to head out to Clarkston in Southeastern Washington. Near Hell's Canyon. (It's hot there. That's why it's named after Hell.)

And I don't think they have Wi-Fi at the camp ground. (So, don't expect any blog posts from me.) Or electricity. But maybe I'll charge up the laptop and see how long the battery lasts.

Ah, confessions of a writing fanatic!

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