Friday, August 14, 2009

Quick Step

Sophie took her first steps this afternoon. Three steps towards her daddy.

Then she took two sets of three or four steps to me tonight.

It's been two weeks since she started standing up by herself without holding on to anything. She holds her hands up, fingers splayed, and shrieks as if to say, "Look at me!"

Of course everyone looks. And then she laughs.


I'm actually shocked that she has started walking as a ten month old. She was a late roller and a late-ish crawler. She started crawling the day after father's day this summer, so she hasn't even been crawling that long. And it was just a little while before that she *finally* started rolling consistently and confidently.

Maybe it's all these sisters and brothers and cousins running around that are motivating her to walk. Or maybe it's all the clapping and screaming her mommy and grandma Nai Nai do when she takes steps. She loves the attention.

Either way -- watch out world, here comes Sophie!

...on the Snake River a few weeks ago...

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