Saturday, August 15, 2009

First fruits

Today Aaron picked the first bunch of green grapes from his parent's backyard vines.

I've never been in Prosser for grape season before. It's going to be fun. Especially with all the vineyards and wineries in the area.

Aaron's sister works at a local winery -- Airfield Estates -- and they have an annual grape-stomping celebration. Maybe this year I can roll up the legs of my jeans and get in on the action. I'll feel like a cast-member in A Walk In the Clouds. Ha!

And when the red backyard grapes start coming on, Aaron's mom and dad will make grape juice. They make so much, we get to drink it all year long....


  1. Wow... we picked our first muscadines (the only grapes that grow in Florida) this weekend too. I never would have thought you would be on the same time frame way up there! And a question... do you boil the juice to keep it juice and not wine? Do you can it in jars? We had to majorly prune our vines this year so the yield will be too small to preserve any, but next year we'll be ready for stocking the pantry!

  2. Alison,
    It's a double-boiler system. The water's underneath and the grapes are in the pan above. And, yes, then they can it in jars.

    Oh, I hope you have a good grape season next year. Homemade grape juice is heavenly! :)

    My in-laws have Early Campbells and Concords. I wonder what kind of juice muscadines will make....


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