Monday, August 17, 2009


I stayed up late making it.

Sophie looked cute holding it.

She even wore her My-First-Mariner's T-shirt and did The Sprinkler to "I'm Comin' Up So You'd Better Get This Party Started."

We drove for two and a half hours and then sat in Seattle traffic for an hour.

And we still didn't win!

All I can think is that they just didn't see us.

I mean, how can you say, "No Rally Fries" to a baby in a pink Mariner's shirt holding a sign like this?

Heartless. That's what they must be over there at Safeco Field. Heartless.

(I think I'm starting to sound like some of those disillusioned writers who think they've written the Great American Novel and can't figure out why they can't get an agent. "Look at me! I've made a great sign! I have a cute baby! How come that guy with the 'It's my birthday, give me rally fries' won instead? I didn't even get on TV. No fair!")


  1. I was watching the game on TV and keeping an eye out for you guys! When I saw they gave the rally fries to someone else I was just as disappointed as you (well, maybe not quite to the same degree). Glad you guys got watch the Mariners win at least!


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