Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Baby Step

I had a pleasant surprise this evening.

I was scanning my long-neglected Google reader tonight, when I came across a post by kt literary super agent Kate Testerman. It's one of her About My Query installments, in which she critiques query letters sent from her blog readers.

I rashly sent my V-Day query to her a couple weeks ago, but I wasn't expecting to see it critiqued for several months. I figured the slush pile in her inbox was pretty high.

So wasn't I surprised and shocked to see that it was MY query she critiqued last Friday? And even more surprised and shocked to see that, overall, she LIKED it?

And as glaze on the Bailey's Irish cream cake (my favorite cake in the world), I also got some constructive feedback from some of her blog readers. Yay!

If you'd be interested in reading my query, just click here. And please feel free to leave a critique of your own. The more feedback, the better.

Okay, I have to go do one more tango of joy around the living room now.

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