Friday, December 18, 2009


I'll be briefly on haitus.

Mainly because we're moving today and won't have internet access at our new house until Wednesday.

Also, because it's almost Christmas and I'm not ready. I am neither in to my new house nor out of my in-law's house.

And my parents and brother are arriving on Tuesday night from Hong Kong and California respectively.

Lots to do.

If I thought I was in limbo before, I'm certainly there now. One foot in my in-law's house, the other at our new house -- with the whole Christmas-thing hovering somewhere illusively over my head. I'm hoping I don't lose my footing and come to a bitter end tumbling into the abyss in between.

This morning I made punch for Olivia's Christmas party at school.

Punch = cranraspberry juice + 7-Up.

Olivia took a sip and said, "I liked the punch you made last year better."

Yeah, but that punch took half an hour to make and needed a whole night to freeze. I'm not that organized right now.

I borrowed a movie from the library that teaches little girls Hula dancing. Anna watched it again this morning. I swear, standing in the kitchen in my seven layers of clothes with all the work I have ahead of me made me want to ditch it all and head to Hawaii. "Mom and Dad, don't bother coming to Washington! I'll meet you in Maui!"

But there's no escape. This has to be done. Today we will move.

And after the insanity is over, I'll be back on the blog.

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