Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Another Binge

It's late. But it is still Wednesday for the next fifteen minutes, so here's a little Work-In-Progress update.

I haven't had time to blog too much because I've been so busy binge writing my new novel. I love binge writing. I don't have time for it often, but with Aaron home for the holidays and my family visiting and hanging out with the kids, I have more time to lose myself in my writing project.

The weather has been snowy. Tomorrow we may not even be able to leave the house. Which leaves more time for binge writing.

My mom has been doing our laundry. She hauls it down to the basement by the armful and brings it up smelling-good and folded. Which leaves more time for binge writing.

My dad has been washing our dishes. He clears the table and empties the dishwasher. Which leaves more time for binge writing.

My husband plays trains with our children. He takes them down to the basement where all their toys are and doesn't come up with them again for hours. Which leaves (all together now!) more time for binge writing.

And now I will leave you and spend more time -- you guessed it! -- binge writing ... while the night is still young and the caffeine is still working and the ideas are still coming.


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