Monday, January 4, 2010

Making Peace with Soccer-Momhood

I've officially become a soccer mom. Here I am, haulin' around in the minivan, wearin' a hoodie, droppin' kids off, pickin' kids up, nearly forgetting to change from my slippers into my shoes I'm in such a hurry most of the day.

We're back to real life. No more vacation around here.Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Steve (a.k.a. Uncle Dini) leave tomorrow. *sniff* The kids are back at school, the hubby's back at work, and ballet lessons have officially begun.

Olivia has ballet twice a week for a total of three hours. She's hard core. Anna has both gymnastics and ballet once a week for half an hour. She's also hard core (for a three year old). I have ballet once a week for an hour. For a thirty-two year old, that's not hard core. For a mom who hasn't exercised in six months, maybe it is.

Olivia and I both had our first ballet classes today. Olivia will wake up tomorrow feeling great. I guarantee I'll wake up in pain.

Gabe is not doing any extra-curricular activities (except Awana) and I think he's happy with that arrangement, homebody that he is. We'll wait a few more years before we force him to play football. We've got to get him ready to be the next Kellen Moore, after all. *evil laugh*

But between ballet classes and school and baby's naps, Mondays are going to be a little harry. Now that we live up on the hill I have to drive the kids to school and pick them up afterward. No more walking home to Grandma's house for them. Then it's back and forth to ballet classes until dinner time. (Horrors! I might actually have to get organized!)

I'm living the real American life now: packing the four kids with me everywhere I go, operating on overdrive most of the time. How did I get here? On an airplane, I guess, technically. An airplane from China where I had a housekeeper and a fleet of taxi drivers at my command. But untechnically, I guess I'm in this soccer-mom state because it's all part of getting involved in a community, getting out there and challenging myself and my kids, being willing to be a little busy (hopefully not too busy) to enrich my children's lives by letting them do something they desperately want to do.

Hopefully I won't regret it. Time is already going by so quickly. Busyness makes the clock tick faster. Sophie's already saying words. She nods her head "Yes" or shakes her head "No" when I ask her a question. She eats out of a bowl with a spoon all by herself. I've gotta be careful not to miss any of that.

But then I see my girls dance and realize it'll be okay. For now, it'll be okay. And when it's not okay anymore, we'll stop. And that'll be okay too.

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