Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sugar Doll

Thank you Krista V. (the former Krista G.) at Mother. Write. (Repeat.) for giving me this cute award. I feel so honored!

In order to accept it, I have to share ten unusual or unexpected things about myself. Hopefully some of these will be new to most of you:

(1) I moved from California to Hong Kong when I was five years old and lived in Hong Kong until I was eighteen.

(2) I wrote my first book when I was three years old. It was about a woman who dies while she's pregnant. Nine months later, the doctor digs up her body to deliver the baby. I told my mom what to write and I drew the pictures.

(3) I love to leap from the top of waterfalls.

(4) I had no qualms about riding my bike around town when I was pregnant. I rode it up until the day before my son was born.

(5) I know it's hard to believe, but I was never a cheerleader.

(6) My husband and I had to wait almost seven years to adopt our oldest daughter because we were "too young" by Chinese law when we brought her home from the orphanage.

(7) My first kiss went to my husband.

(8) I never kill spiders and I like holding snakes. I love the way their skin feels.

(9) My favorite books are set in France (ie. A Tale of Two Cities and Les Miserables), but I have no desire to visit there. I have a long list of other places I'd like to go instead.

(10) I had two pet mice in college, one named Cow, one named Daisy. Cow was a compulsive eater, Daisy was an exercise fanatic. Cow would sit in the corner of the cage stuffing her face while trim little Daisy ran all day on the wheel.

And now to share the love ... five great blogs to which I'd like to pass on this award:

(1) Weronika Janczuk
(2) Suzette Saxton & Bethany Wiggin's Shooting Stars
(3) Stina Lindenblatt's Seeing Creative
(4) Kim & Patrick Smith's AsiaRamblin
(5) Helen Ginger's Straight From Hel


  1. Thanks, Amy, for Award! #6 was definitely a shocker! They really are fussy with their adoption regulations.

  2. The story of the dead pregnant woman kind of creeps me out! But I can imagine a 3yo brain trying to understand how things work, so I don't think you're too strange;)

  3. Thank you, Amy, for the award! What fun to learn more about you. You've led (and continue to lead) a quite fascinating life.


  4. I loved reading this! Loved getting to know you better. And then I got to the end, and was very surprised to see my name on here! Thank you so, so much! And congrats on the award, you are a sugar doll.

  5. Very interesting tidbits, Amy. My husband was my first kiss, too (although we did kiss before we were married), and remains my only kiss.

  6. Krista, Yes, I guess I should clarify -- I'm in the same boat as you. I wasn't one of those people who waited until my wedding day to kiss my husband. I should have said: my first kiss went to my husband who was at that time my boyfriend. :) I guess I did kiss those two boys when I was five, but that was a drag-them-behind-the-garbage-cans-in-the-playground-and-kiss-them-really-quick-before-the-teacher-sees-me kind of kiss ... so, I'm not counting that. :D

  7. Hey, I just checked out all of your sugar doll award recipients and am thinking that I feel super honored to be awarded alongside them! Thanks (from one sugar doll to another, apparently) a ton! Now to get started on my list . . . this could take a while. Btw, number five makes me chuckle, b/c it really is so "unexpected."


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