Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thrill of the Games

I missed my true life's calling.

I've never watched short track speed skating before this winter Olympic games. But immediately upon watching my first race, I was mesmerized.

After watching several races, I just knew it. "That's my sport."

Here's why:
  • I love roller skating and ice skating.

  • I love going really, really absurdly fast when I'm roller skating or ice skating. Usually I have to hold myself back so that I don't frighten all the other skaters.

  • Because I lived in Hong Kong for thirteen years, I am used to crowds. One of my favorite activities is to be on a very, very crowded sidewalk (there's NOTHING in the world like a Hong Kong-crowded sidewalk) and weave my way through the crush of humanity, walking as fast as possible. It's a challenge, actually, to see how many people I can pass without bumping into anyone.

Therefore, I'm bummed that I'm already 32 years old and too old to start training. Not to mention the small hurdle that I'm not willing to leave my four kids and sweet hubby so I can pursue skating full time.

But all dream-killing reality aside, I'm thrilled to have finally found my sport. And I wouldn't even mind the unitards so much. Next time I'm at the Prosser roller rink, it will be fun to fly, weaving through the crowds of wobbling skaters, and imagine myself on the short track Olympic circuit. Ah, the thrill of the games!


  1. I used to love weaving through people at the roller rink too! I had to have been super annoying. Just remember, it's not just disqualification and shame to your country if you take out another skater at the roller might be kicked out!

    Also, stay inconspicuous to avoid a life long ban (read: don't wear the unitard and aerodynamic helmet to the Prosser rink).

  2. Ha! I asked my husband the very same thing the other night ("So, honey, think I'm too old to take up short-track speed skating?").

  3. LOL! I think I WILL wear the unitard and helmet to the Prosser rink, just for fun. HA!

    Krista, I'm glad I'm not the only one dreaming. :)


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