Monday, March 8, 2010


What's cooking? It's fajitas tonight!

This morning I took the little girls with me to the post office to mail a package.

ANNA: Why do we need to go to the post office?

ME: Because I need to send my friend in Montana a present for her new baby.

ANNA: (incredulous) What? People in Montana (pronounced "Ontana") don't have babies! They're just kids!

ME: What are you talking about? Of course people in Montana can have babies. They're people just like all of us. There are mommies just like Mommy and babas just like Baba....

ANNA: But they're just kids! I saw it on a show on TV!

ME: Do you mean Hannah Montana?

ANNA: Yeah, Hannah Montana.

Note: Technically watching Hannah Montana is a no-no in our house, since I don't generally buy into shows with themes such as "kids always know better than their parents because parents are idiots." But I have a feeling there's some subversive Hannah Montana watching going on in our house. I have now become vigilant.

Thank you for thinking that Hannah Montana is a show about Montana, Anna. You have done well, my small spy.


  1. I've found it's so easy to let myself fall into those familiar stereotypes with the adults, especially the teachers, in my YA books. Wonder why that is...

  2. Love it! Yesterday I was reading to my boys from a book on prehistoric animals. It said remains of an enormous millipede-like creature have been found in Montana, Idaho, and Canada.

    My older boy asked, "It was that big?"

    I think more than one fossil was found, kiddo!

  3. Krista, Me too! I think it's our culture. We think that it's the only thing kids can relate to. It IS strange. I was raised in a great family, but thinking about the books I've written, the parents are always kind of dim wits... Boy, I'm feeling slightly hypocritical at the moment!

    Caroline, That is hilarious! Kids are so great. I love how literal they are!