Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's Fake

What's cooking? Well, nothing at the moment, seeing that it's past midnight! (Yes, I'm on my way to bed.)

We had a family night out tonight. Grabbed some Arby's, went to a Lady Mustang's basketball game, and stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home.

My kids tried fake cheese for the first time.

GABE: Why is there mustard all over my sandwich?

AARON: It's cheese.


OLIVIA: I'm getting a stomachache. I think it's from the cheese because sometimes dairy products make me sick.

AARON: That stuff won't make you sick. It's fake.

GABE: Fake cheese?!?

AARON: Yep. Come on, you kids need to like this stuff! I'll tell you what, this summer, we're eating nothing but convenience store nachos and Velveeta Mac until you guys get used to it.

The kids look at him -- stunned, horrified.

OLIVIA: (starting to cry) I don't want to eat fake cheese all summer!

ME: (hugging her) It's okay, honey, Baba's just kidding.

Yeah, is it obvious my kids aren't real Americans.

They also had another first tonight: Dairy Queen Blizzards. They didn't complain about those. Except Gabe, who had opted for an ice cream cone. When he saw the Blizzards he said, "I didn't know we could get those!"

He'll know next time.


  1. How funny. My husband has a Lady Mustangs sweatshirt that I tease him about wearing and occasionally steal. He coaches the girl's basketball team at out local middle school.

  2. And my kids don't like fake cheese either.

  3. Ha! This is so funny. I just put a nice slab of fake cheese over my spaghetti... and ate some fake Kraft Dinner (the Canadian mac and cheese) for lunch yesterday. Part of the reason is that any dairy in Canada is more than in China, but the other part, well, sometimes a nice chemical fix is what you need:)


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