Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've discovered gardening for the first time in my life.

Today I pulled weeds and dug up root systems in an attempt to eradicate the crab grass problem. I have my own pair of girly work gloves that I picked up at Fred Meyer. They're so pretty. They keep the dirt out from under my nails and I look fashionable at the same time. (tee-hee)

I've never really gardened before. I had my window of potted plants in China, but that was about it.

Gardening is a lot like writing. It's hard to stop once you get started. There's always one more thing that you just have to do before you quit for the day.

The kids love it outside. They have their little shovels and rakes. My husband bought them their own miniature work gloves. They're happy indefinitely.

It's a win-win.

Plus, I can garden with my broken toe and still get a bit of exercise.

Today was so beautiful ... and I learned that magnolias smell good.


  1. I love gardening. Well, I love gardening before the temperatures get above a hundred. July and August, I don't love it at all.

  2. Oh magnolias...that sounds delightful. You'll have to come to my house to teach me a thing or two about the green thumb.
    ~ Wendy

  3. Yes, Myrna, I think I'll agree with you when July & August roll around!

    Wendy, I don't know if I have the green thumb yet! The garden of our new house was loved long ago, but in recent years was sadly neglected. Right now I'm just doing the battle with all the weeds and crab grass that have grown into the beds. But if my thumb proves to be green, I'll be right over! :)

  4. Good for you, Amy. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan (but I think that's my kids' fault - it's hard to get down in the dirt when I'm hauling an infant around, or trying to make sure my two-year-old doesn't do something stupid, like decide he's ready to go on walks by himself:) ).

  5. weeds are a given here. they'll cover a bed in 4 wks flat with neglect. thats every season! i use empty feed bags, but you could get by with a hefty layer of newspaper. lay it out over the bed around your plants and mulch on top. or smother the weeds with newspaper and put compost on top for seeds. paper will decompose as roots grow down through it. also find a tree guy w/ a chipper for a load of free mulch. you'll spend a bundle mulching if you buy it in bags. enjoy!

  6. Krista, Yes, child ages are crucial! My little girls are both at good ages for this kind of activity. If my 18mo decides to walk away while my head is down, my almost-four-year-old lets me know right away. :) It's nice to have a built-in alarm system.

    Alison, Thanks for the tip! I think I'll have to do that. Some of these root systems are crazy. I don't think I have a hope of destroying all of them. I actually popped my first blisters today. Whoo-hoo!

  7. After two years of a drought here, the rains finally came, and with it weeds galore. Where the lawns died out in patches, the dandelions, crabgrass, etc has taken up residence. I pull, spray, and dig them. Since I've planted grass seed I can't spread weed-and-feed or risk killing the seedlings. Hopefully it will be all worth it! But I'm thinking I'm fighting a losing battle. This is just the lawn--don't get me started on the flower beds or veggies! So, I keep asking myself--why do I do it year after year? It has to be the pride and satisfaction in seeing that first blooming zinnia or biting into that first crunchy cucumber.

  8. Gardening is a lot like writing. Yes, but who's doing the writing? :-) You reach a point in gardening where you realize you are not in control and you let Nature take over.

    Not that you stop gardening, but sometimes what you want to grow in a garden just won't do it. I ended up planting five things in one spot and whichever liked it best thrived and I told myself that's what I wanted in the first place. Then I did it again.

    I think some gardeners turn to writing so they have control of something. :-)

  9. Hi Amy!

    This is a lovely blog, found you via Susan Fields, and I'll be back!


  10. I wish I liked to garden, but that's one thing I've never been good at (too much hard work!)

    There's something for you at my blog (no really, I mean it!)

  11. A broken toe? That heals slowly. Take care with it. Enjoy your time gardening with the kids. Roland

  12. A few blog posts on gardening today and it's getting me all excited!! I love a fresh tomato off the vine ... sliced thick on a piece of wheat toast. yummmm

  13. I didn't even get online yesterday because I was so tired. Thanks for all these comments, though! I was just about blown away (in a good way) when I opened my blog this morning.

    Catherine, I think we do it because it's addictive. Weed pulling, especially. You just want to pull one more weed! :) I'm sorry about your drought. I hope you enjoy your crunchy cucumbers this year (when I read that, it made me hungry!).

    Randy, I think you have a point there. I'm absolutely convinced along with you that a lot of us write because we like to be in control of SOMETHING, even if it's just our own imaginary worlds.

    Hi Karen G! Nice to meet you. :)

    Susan, LOL! Thank you so much. I'm tickled. Thanks so much for thinking of me ... and for *really* giving me an award. Thanks for not looking at it as a chance for revenge. ha ha!!

    Roland, Thanks so much! It's nice to meet you, too. Yes, I'm learning I do have to be careful with my toe. I keep kicking things and hurting it again. It's driving me crazy! :)

    Tess, Oh man, you're making me hungry, too. I haven't planted any vegetables. Actually, I haven't planted anything yet. I'm still trying to get the crab grass out of the beds. But with all this talk of food, I might just have to plant something edible. Tomatoes and cucumbers will be #1 on the list. :)