Monday, April 19, 2010

Pop Quiz

The other day I thought I was going to have a free hour. In other words, my husband was taking all the children AWAY and I was going to have the house entirely to myself. (When you're a mom with four kids under the age of eight, a free hour is a pretty exciting prospect.)

I spent most of the day dreaming about how I was going to spend my hour.

All the day dreaming got me wondering -- how would my friends spend a free hour? So, here's a pop quiz. You have a free hour. Would you spend it:

A. Lying on the sofa watching TV

B. Napping

C. Reading that book you just can't put down

D. On the computer with your WiP

E. Exercising

F. Cleaning

G. Gardening

H. None of the above

And just so you know, my hour didn't actually materialize. Something at school held up the darling husband and I had to leave for an appointment right after he got home. But it was nice dreaming....

Still, I'm curious. You only have an hour. How would you spend it? I know what I would do!

I hope you are all having a day filled with sunshine -- and many free hours!


  1. G... that's easy. any extra credit?

  2. With 3 kids at home I know exactly what you mean! I would have a bath with a good book, some chocolate and maybe even a glass of wine ;)

  3. I popped over from Susan's blog to say hello and congratulate you on your award!

    My answer: napping! :-)

  4. I would clean. Because I only clean house when I'm alone.

  5. Alison, I could have definitely guessed that. Extra credit? Um. Write a limerick about it, maybe? I'll give you 10 bonus points for a limerick!

    Steena, Nice to meet you! Ahh, a bath! I hadn't even thought about that. You can tell I don't bathe much ... I mean, take baths. We just moved into a new-to-us house and the only bathtub doesn't have a working plug. So, bathtimes leak at the moment. But anyway, that's a wonderful idea. And I like the book, chocolate, and wine part!!

    Shannon, Thanks for stopping by and for the congratulations. I like your answer. That's what I chose to do yesterday afternoon, for about four hours! I took the baby to bed with me and just stayed there. I actually feel a little bit alive today. :)

    KarenG, Argh. Cleaning. That's what I would probably end up doing too, unless it was a "guilt free" hour. Then I'd definitely choose working on my WiP. But my house is a mess, so most likely it wouldn't be a guilt free hour and I'd feel a compulusion to clean the bathroom. Blagghh!!

  6. Napping for sure. Unless I wasn't tired (which would only happen if I'd already had a nap that day), and then I would work on the wip. Sorry you didn't get your hour - I remember the days when a free hour was better than gold.

  7. Thanks, Susan. :) Yes, it is gold. I can't really complain, though. Summer's coming and then I bet my nice husband (he's a teacher, so he gets summers off) will make it up to me. :)

  8. There is a Zen teaching story :

    One fateful day a Zen Master was attacked by a band of arrow-shooting bandits. He quickly began to run for his life. He led them to the cliff's edge, hoping to lose some of them to the loose ground. Sadly, as with many traps, he himself slipped and fell over the cliff.

    He flailed out with his left hand and found a bush growing out from the cliff's face. It was a strawberry bush. And his weight was tearing it loose from the cliff.

    He heard a deep growl from down at the bottom of the mountain. A tiger, looking up with obvious hunger and anticipation. The bandits crowded at the cliff's edge and began shooting arrows at him. The strawberry bush was quickly pulling free from its moorings.

    He was soon to die. What would he do? A smile slowly curled his lips up.

    He reached out, plucked a strawberry, and savored its taste.

    Enjoy the moment, Roland

  9. Ooh, this is such a tough question. I definitely wouldn't waste my hour cleaning or exercising. I'd probably be chained to my computer or reading on the couch. Lovely.

  10. Working on that WIP. No question:)

    Also, I gave you an award today over on my blog.

  11. Roland, I love it. A good lesson for all of us! :)

    Myrna, I'm with you!

    Lisa & Laura, No, you're right. Cleaning and exercising are only for people who feel guilty. Just kidding. :)

    Krista, I'm with you, too. THANK YOU for the award!!! :)