Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Did You Ever Wonder?

Did you ever wonder?
I do.

Did you ever wonder why the sun always rises,
But the stars never fall?
Why dry land is never satisfied by water,
And why fire never says enough?

I wonder.

Why can’t I see the wind, but I can feel it?
How the wind blows?
Why the wind blows?

Did you ever wonder how an eagles floats through the sky?
Where ideas come from?
Where babies come from?
Where people go when they die?
Where heaven is?

Did you know that my fingerprint is the only one like it in the entire world?
And my tongue, too.

Did you ever wonder how a hummingbird can fly up to sixty miles-per-hour
And come up to an abrupt stop,
Wings buzzing at seventy beats-per-second?

Crazy. Cool.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many beautiful shades of skin?
Why a lizard can grow a new tail?

No way.

Here’s one for you:
In the time that it takes me to tell you this little-known fact,
Fifty thousand cells in your body will die down and be replaced with new ones.

Did you ever wonder how a sneeze zooms out of your nose at over a hundred miles-per-hour?
And how a mustard seed the size of a pinhead can grow into a very big tree?
How a caterpillar can turn into a beautiful butterfly?

If there’s anything at the end of the galaxy?
If there’s anything outside of time?

How it all started?
How it all stays together?
And where is it going?

Did you ever wonder?
I do.

(May we never lose our sense of childlike wonder.)
To watch the video version on YouTube, click here.
Courtesy of The Truth Project.

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