Friday, May 14, 2010

A Few Reasons to Snore

Yes, Friday. It's really, truly Friday.

I'm sorry for my sporadic blogging. (Friends often tell me I apologize too much.)

I know I have some awards that some wonderful people have given me that I must accept and pass on.

I know I just finished reading City of Bones and should probably write a book review.

I know it's on my to-do list to write a blog about devilifying passive voice. (Do you like my made up word?)

Next week. Look forward to all of those posts next week.

Tonight, I sleep.

Today I had a ten-minute stand-off with one of my daughters in the bathroom for her utter refusal to wash her hands after using the toilet. Yes, we both stood there for ten minutes. It was ridiculous. And yes, if you're wondering, I won. She did wash her hands. She's stubborn. I'm stubborn-er.

While the stand-off was going on, my nineteen-month-old decided to empty the entire contents of the garbage on the kitchen floor. Lovely.

We have a lot of bugs in our house now that spring is here (probably brought in by the baby who gets into the garbage). Flies. Ants. Beetles. My nineteen-month-old calls beetles "bee bees." She also calls the basement "up." Go figure. This evening she told us quite an elaborate story about seeing "bee bees up" (in the basement) "gucky" (yucky), complete with hand gestures and creeped-out facial expressions. She's my miniature drama queen. My dashingly handsome sidekick had to fly to the rescue with Kleenex to take care of the "bee bee" problem. I don't do bugs.

Tomorrow I'm singing in front of two thousand people at a concert in Yakima. Seriously. I'm driving our band up in my mini-van. Our band and the other bands performing consist mostly of teenagers. I am quite the elderly person among them. It's awesome.

Now do you think I deserve my beauty rest?


  1. Watch out fo rthe beebees! Have fun at the concert. I think I would rather die, but I wish I could sing.

  2. Do you play an instrument in this band, Amy, or do you sing?