Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Gift

I didn't feel like walking to gymnastics. I felt like staying in the car.

But the rain had stopped, so I didn't have an excuse. I pulled out the baby jogger and strapped the girls in.

The air still smelled like rain, and wet grass, and growing things.

There were flowers in people's gardens: roses clustering over fences, purple rhododendrons, irises, red poppies. A breeze rustled the bright green tree leaves above our heads.

Then Anna said: "Those birds are in the shape of a bunny!" and she pointed up at the sky.

When I looked, I saw two flocks of pelicans in formation. Huge birds with enormous wing spans.

I stood for several moments totally transfixed, until Anna's little voice urged me on. "Let's stop standing here looking at birds!"

But, thank you God, for the gift.


  1. What a lovely post.!
    I was there with you through your words. A wonderful momment,nicely written.

  2. I agree with Sharon. This was such a nice slice of life.

  3. Thanks for capturing that to share with us. :o)

  4. It's moments just like that that can shake all the dust out of our brains.

    Too cool. I like how you wrote growing things.
    ~ Wendy