Monday, May 17, 2010

Sugar Dolls and Sunshine

Blog awards! Reading this post will almost be as good as watching the Oscars on TV. Maybe better.

First, the Sugar Doll, from the fantastic Susan Fields. Thank you, Susan

 And the Sugar Doll goes to:
  • The very artistic Danica over at A Sight to be Seen. She's dating my brother, but I think I'd like her even if she wasn't.
  • The amazing Karen Denise over at I'm Always Write. She hasn't been blogging much lately because of health issues. Or maybe because she's spending all her time on her novel. I hope her silence is for the latter reason. But when she does blog, it's a treat.
  • Night Writer extraordinaire, Myrna Foster. She's just plain fun and one of those very faithful blogging buddies.
  • The Mother. Write. (Repeat.) phenomenon, Krista V.  She not only does cool stuff like continuing story competitions, but she does some of the best interviews with literary agents available on the web.
  • Awesome Beth Revis over at Writing it Out. Her posts are always thought-provoking and she has her first book coming out in Spring 2011 - a YA sci-fi, Across the Universe. Yay, Beth!

    And one more! Given to me by both Myrna Foster and Krista V.  Thanks, lovely ladies! You both are rays of sunshine -- not to mention, very faithful commentors here on the Green Bathtub. For these reasons, I thank you!

    And the Sunshine Award goes to:
    •  My super-sweet friend MaDonna over at Random Writings. She's a busy mom and aspiring writer. We knew each other in China, although we didn't live in the same city. It's fun to connect as kindred spirits and to get to know her  much better, even though we're now an ocean apart (she now lives in Taiwan).
    • I always love comments from Catherine A. Winn over at The Writing Room. She's just an encouraging and fun lady.
    • Wendy at All in a Day's Thought: Her comments crack me up (especially the one about how she broke her toe!), and her blog is awesome, too. Plus, she's incredibly sweet.
    • Caroline Starr Rose and I had a cool dialogue over email the other day, which encouraged me more than I can say.  Thank you, Caroline!
    • This is more of a private blog, so I won't post a link, but I want to pass this award on to my dear friend Linda who is battling breast cancer. She is so brave and wonderful. Definitely my sunshine and an inspiration to me! I love you, Linda!
    Award Show tradition states that I should close with a musical number, but unfortunately, I'm a little tuckered out after all that linking. Have a great night, everyone!


    1. Thanks, Amy! Looking at the other bloggers you're giving awards to - I'm in great company!.

    2. Thanks, Amy! I'll be looking forward to the musical number for next time:)

    3. awwww. thank you Amy!!!! This means so much to me!!! I love getting blog awards and I love that you would like me either way. ;) hehehe

    4. Amy, HA! You remember the toe one. ;) My husband snagged his toe before DD's soccer game two weeks ago and I reminded him of I was able to do with a broken toe! :D

      Thanks for this. You are awesome!
      ~ Wendy

    5. Amy, thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel honored and I'm sitting here grinning as I write this. I'm tickled pink!

    6. Thanks so much for this, Amy. Your words really encouraged me. I'm terrible about passing on awards, but I'll gladly accept! ;)

    7. Thanks Amy! This is my first! All smiles....
      It's a shame that we never lived in the same city....hmm, maybe one day. It could happen. =)

    8. Thanks so much A.L! I haven't been blogging much because of writing, so yay! The health issues are much better. I hope to finish my current novel this weekend, but I did find time to make a little post today and I plan to get back on my schedule next week. :-) Thanks again.

    9. Looking at the other bloggers you're giving awards to - I'm in great company!
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