Friday, August 27, 2010

Celebration Time, Come on!

I think it's time for a celebration around here.

Who's with me?

One thing to celebrate: I finished the first draft of my WiP's total and complete rewrite. (Yahoo! and Boy-am-I-tired) I still have a few things I know I need to return to and fix before I lay it aside in a dark, quiet corner, but I am officially at THE END. Phew!

Another thing to celebrate: I have two books from the SCBWI conference that I'm DYING to give away to two lucky, lucky followers. They are both author-signed, so you won't want to miss this give-away! Plus, the rules will be ultra-easy. I'll post the contest on Monday and you can tell me which book you'd prefer to win.

Yet another thing to celebrate: My cat Midnight had a successful surgery to remove all traces of his manhood (with cats that's a good thing, otherwise your house stinks). He is now recovering at home, trying to avoid all the small children. 

And last, but certainly not least, please check out Sara J. Henry's contest on her blog. It runs until Sept 2, so you still have a few more days to enter. She's giving away a copy of Reed Farrel Coleman's newest book INNOCENT MONSTER. Go, go, go!

Most of us can also celebrate that it's Friday. The weekend shines before us! Have a great one.


  1. Amy, you rock. Way to get through that rewrite. And I'm looking forward to next week's contest.

    P.S. Tell Midnight we're sorry, but it's all for the best:)

  2. Wow! I'm in awe. I'm working on my first novel, and I can't wait to see how good it feels to finish the first draft, let alone the rewrite. Congratulations! : )

    A friend of mine and I are hoping to go to a writing conference this year, and I wondered if you'd gone to any you'd recommend?

    Hope you get a chance to really celebrate your accomplishment this weekend.

  3. Yay! for finishing the rewrite. I'm celebrating getting out of the summer doldrums and back into writing. Looking forward to the contest:)

  4. Wow! That's a milestone! Thanks for the contests!

  5. Lots to celebrate, hooray! (Though I doubt man-cat is celebrating.) Glad to hear your WIP down. It's such a relief, isn't it?

    Can't wait to see which books! :o)


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