Thursday, August 26, 2010

FitG Update: Bog Child

This was an awesome book.

Here's the jacket blurb to whet your appetite:

Digging for peat in the mountain with his Uncle Tally, Fergus finds something that makes his heart stop. Curled up deep in the bog is the body of a child. And it looks like she's been murdered.

As Fergus tries to make sense of the mad world around him -- his brother on hunger-strike in prison, his growing feelings for Cora, his mam and da arguing over the Troubles, and him in it up to the neck -- a  little voice comes to him in his dreams, and the mystery of the bog child unfurls. 

If you'd like to read my full review, click here.

And one more thing: is anyone else shocked that it's Thursday already?


  1. Thrs at the end of August...yes, this year is slipping by so fast.

    And, I'm intrigued and a little scared to read that novel based on the blurb.

  2. Tess, It's not scary at all, I promise. It's all about archeology and the history of the place. The setting is amazing. :)


  3. I've seen this book on the shelves at the library (one of the few our library actually has on its shelves, since it's so small), and the title has always intrigued me. After your review, I'm definitely checking it out.

    Thanks, Amy!

  4. The book sounds great. Thanks for the recommendation!

    I think this whole summer has flown by! I'm ready for fall and a more regular schedule, but I always miss having the kids around when school begins.

  5. This week has been the longest week ever! Of course the first week of school always is! This book looks great! Thanks!

  6. K started school this week. The week didn't pass to quickly, the whole summer did! The low tonight's going to be in the 40's! As wet as the summer was I'm a bit terrified about the winter...I guess if it's really bad I'll have more writing time.


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