Thursday, September 2, 2010


I did not accomplish anything yesterday except:
  1. Making our house messier/ watching several small people make our house messier. Did not clean even a single toilet.
  2. Killing two birds on our big living room windows and stunning two others (they plowed into them after we pulled up our blinds, poor babies).
  3. Crashing our main computer (we still have our laptop, thank goodness). For the record, WiP is safe.
  4. Getting children to and from school, lessons, and birthday parties.
That's about it. Did you have a more productive day than I did? I hope so!

And if you haven't already, please enter my contest! It's so easy to enter, you won't be sorry.


  1. Poor birdies. We had a hummingbird trapped in our garage last week and finally netted it and got it out. It couldn't figure out that it had to fly down to get out, and kept buzzing around the ceiling.

    And the mess keeps getting bigger here, too.

  2. We have birds smack into our (tiny) living room window pretty often. (They must have impeccable aim.) Most of the time, though, it only stuns them.

    I finally finished Kelly's manuscript and got it back to her (yay!). I also finished another partial I've had for a few weeks and got it back to that nice lady.

    And Bob's revisions keep chugging along...

  3. I can safely say that you achieved more than me. I can manage number one without getting out of bed!

    I hope today is more productive for us all.

  4. I'm sorry. That's kind of how today has gone for me.

    Yesterday, though, I accepted a job offer to teach pre-school, finished my fourth draft and sent it to a CP, and went to my nephew's b-day party. It was a good day.

  5. Man, days like that leave me burned out. Hopefully tomorrow is better! (Poor birds).

  6. I wasn't too much more productive than you, but I did manage to finish a good book and made a trip to the grocery store. I guess that's some what productive:)

  7. Gosh! You've got to stop cleaning your windows. My goodness, Amy, your having a baby! Women having babies shouldn't be climbing on ladders washing windows! I'm sure the birds will appreciate it if you let them get a little bit of dust on them. :)

    I'm glad your laptop/wip is okay. Our desktop crashed in the spring, it was very stressful. I'm so glad that I had my laptop...

    Relax...don't worry about being so productive...and for heaven's sake...STOP WASHING THE WINDOWS!


  8. wow ;) what an accomplishment amy. ;) killing two birds with one blind ... oops... should sound more solemn... sure lots of animal lovers out there. just wanna say hi. I started at 8 this morning revising. and now it's 8pm. my back and hands are sore. ;)