Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey, Adoption Stories and Lots of Links

The blogosphere has been so quiet this week.

Makes me think that I wasn't the only one kidnapped by a giant turkey named Fred.

(If you want to read an interesting, cross-cultural, TRUE Thanksgiving story, I posted one last Thanksgiving. Click here.)

We went to my in-law's home for the evening. My father-in-law makes the best turkey and cornbread stuffing you have ever eaten. And my mother-in-law's pumpkin pies were scrumptious. The apple pies turned out wonderfully, so try this recipe sometime if you like apple pie. And while you're at it, Thanksgiving will never be the same once you make sweet potatoes this way. (I'm so sad the leftovers are gone!)

Thanks for all your comments about the baby boys in the picture (last post). My friend Jenny who lives in Tianjin is in the process of getting high-calorie formula for them. She told me she'll let me know what their specific special needs are, as well as their names, just in case anyone would like to donate directly to them.

It's been an orphanage-on-my-mind week for me. I came across this blog yesterday. This family is raising money to adopt 11-year-old Michael, also from the Children's Welfare Institute in Tianjin. His story is here and you can help them raise money by purchasing a whole slew of different products (in the sidebar of their blog). So, if you're doing Christmas shopping anyway, you might consider buying something that will not only be an awesome present, but also assist this family in their adoption efforts. After reading Michael's story, you'll understand why it's so necessary for him to be united with his "forever family." *sniff sniff*

And last but not least, my little brother got engaged this week. You can hop over to Danica's blog to wish them well, if you'd like, and to take a gasp at her gorgeous Eiffel-tower-esque ring. Congratulations Steve and Danica!

Now, seriously, I want to know - how was Thanksgiving for you? Have you recovered yet?


  1. Great fun for us! Leftovers went very quickly! :)

  2. Did you celebrate American Thanksgiving, Esther? Do you celebrate the Canadian one, too? Boy, I love the idea of TWO Thanksgivings. hee hee.


  3. We had a super Thanksgiving. It was two weeks full of family, friends and food. Lots of laughing. :-)

  4. Yeah, we celebrate both. It's really fun. :)

  5. He proposed at Disneyland! That's every girls secret dream. *sigh* Let him know what a good job he did. And the ring is gorgeous~!

  6. Thanksgiving was great, but my company is still here. Thanks for sharing the adoption stories and links.


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