Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow and Sombreros

The Dashingly Handsome Sidekick had a birthday yesterday.

We celebrated with Mexican food, the entire family, a vanilla raspberry cake, and a very large sombrero.

(Krista V. - please note my son's Kellen Moore jersey. We got it at football camp last summer. And it's signed. Go ahead and drool.)

This week has just been weird. Tuesday and Wednesday we had snow delays and today they cancelled school all together. I'm not complaining. I love having my family home. But after almost a full no-school week for Thanksgiving (thanks to snow and delays and no snow tires) and another off-week this week,  the kids are sliding into vacation mode. They want to sleep in and go to bed late. There's no schedule to speak of. (No writing to speak of, either.) They're wild with cabin fever.

And my posts on this blog have been super lame.
The snow is melting. Maybe some warmer weather will zap some life back into this tired old brain of mine.
I can't promise, though. My two older girls are performing in the Nutcracker ballet next week, so even if the snow melts and school starts up again, I'm sure my brain will be just as tired. (But my girls will be beautiful and graceful; I'm so proud of them.)

In the meantime, however, Happy Birthday DHS!

I'll leave you with a photo of our snow-covered valley and hoarfrost encrusted trees.

And our cute little snowman (created on the first snow day, when snow was still a novelty).


  1. Hi Amy! can't believe we're in the same boat! Lol at the snowman when snow was still a novelty!
    I love the look on the girls' faces in that first photo, that kind of pure, unaffected, in-the-moment joy that children can immerse themselves in.
    Do you think some of the tired brain must be down to the pregnancy?
    And Happy Birthday to DHS!

  2. Happy birthday to your DHS, Amy! And thanks for pointing out the jersey. It made me smile:)

    (Sorry about Boise State's loss last week. Even though they lost their shot at a national championship, at least they didn't fall far in the polls.)

  3. Lovely! Our snow has all melted ... the West Coast just ain't like the East.

  4. Thanks, Mimi! I know, their expressions are priceless. Two out of three of them were absolute horrors during dinner (I didn't include that part). I'm glad they recovered by cake time. :)

    Krista, That was a horrible game to watch. The poor kicker! Yeah, we were surprised they didn't fall further, but it was such a close game I think they deserve to stay in the top ten.

    Vijaya - Our snow stayed for a week and a half, which must be some kind of record for around here. Usually it only stays for a day or two. I'm starting to feel like I'm living in Alaska or something. ;)

  5. Your snowman is adorable! It doesn't snow here, and sometimes I miss it. But I don't miss driving in it.

    It looks like your DHS had a fun birthday and help blowing out his candles!


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