Friday, March 25, 2011

Something Done

Today I just wanted to get SOMETHING DONE.

But it seemed like every time I sat down at the computer to get something done, SOMEONE ELSE needed something.

By the time the dashingly handsome sidekick* got home I was getting snippy. I turned the kids over to him and sat down to get SOMETHING DONE.

Behold, I did it. I edited my query letter. It wasn't much, but at least it was SOMETHING.

Ever have days like that?

*Many thanks to the marvelous DHS, who continues to keep me borderline sane and puts up with my weirdnesses.


  1. One day last week, I only accomplished two things- mopping my kitchen floor and washing a load of towels. That's it. It took me all day to get those 2 things done.

    Then my girls came home from school all excited about the dance troupe that came to school for an assemby, and while my Amy was doing ballet twirls accross the floor to demonstrate, she crashed into the bucket I had muddy kid shoes soaking in. (Dumb idea, I know)

    So of course my newly mopped floor was now a muddy pond, I also had to grab the newly cleaned towels to sop it all up.

    I went to bed that night at a zero for accomplishments. Yep...have those days on a regular basis.

    Aren't you thankful for sympathetic husbands? : )

  2. Oh, Becky, that is priceless! I am so sorry for laughing, but that is priceless!!


  3. When life is flowing well, I make a list of jobs to be done each evening. Next morning I endeavour to work my way through them but it doesn't always work. Some days I've hardly done a single thing on the list. I've even been known to add 'check list' to the list so I can at least tick off something!

    When life is not flowing I don't even make a list, but as long as no one gets hurt by our inactivity and lack of organisation then it's alright... isn't it?

  4. I have no idea what you're talking about;)

  5. :) We all have those days.

  6. The real question is: have I ever had days that weren't like that? .....Nope. Can't think of any.

  7. I'm getting a good laugh at these comments!
    Can I check a box for that , like "Had a laugh"?
    Amy, some days I try to tidy up here, and the house looks worse at the end than at the start, so I guess we're all normal then!!

  8. Oh, yes. Doesn't everyone who has kids have days like that?

  9. As long as you do *something* it's worth a lot. Good on you : )

  10. Good for you! Every thing accomplished is something that would still be left undone if you hadn't tried...
    (Hmm...I guess I am very good at stating the inspirational obvious. ;)

  11. There never seem to be enough hours in the day. I'm glad your dashing sidekick was able to lend a hand.

  12. All the time. But your life is way busier than mine!


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