Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! 

And Happy Birthday to my sweet Anna. She's five years old today ... my little Mother's Day present. 

Funny random fact:

Five years ago today the Dashingly Handsome Sidekick and I boarded a Beijing PUBLIC BUS to take us to the International hospital for Anna's birth. No joke! 

The DHS asked me if we should ride a public bus today as a family in honor of the occasion. I don't know if a public bus in our small town would have quite the same feel as riding one in Beijing ... I mean, he's welcome to ride around on one if he wants to, but I have some serious partying to do. It's Mother's Day and Anna's birthday, for goodness sake! Bring on the cake!! (And the Tangled Polly Pockets!)

But Happy Birthday, sweet Anna. We're so glad you're in the world!


  1. Happy Birthday Anna!
    And Happy Mother's Day to you, Amy!
    Boarding a public bus to the hospital is one of the best I've ever heard, as they'd say here "you're cool out"!

  2. Thanks, Mimi! :) I've never been "cool out" before! :)


  3. Aw, I don't care what bus ride you take, you mustmustmust take one!

    My daughter also is a May baby and today we're both staying home knitting while the boys go for a baseball game. It's been so wet, they've scheduled rainout games today (not that I'm going to complain about the lovely green or anything here ... but it's just extremely WET and SOGGY) ... and I'm pining away for sunshine.

    Happy birthday Anna and Happy Mother's Day to you!

  4. Polly Pockets, huh? They were my daughter's favorites and she's twenty seven! The best things never change.
    Love the bus ride story! What a perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day!

    Have a grand celebration you two!

  5. What a little cutie! Happy Mother's Day to you, too. (I loved our adventures in Beijing, but none of them included riding a bus to give birth.)

  6. Thanks Vijaya, Linda, and Beth. We had a great day!

    Vijaya, if you need more sunshine, take a drive over to the east side and visit me! It's been patchy lately, but we get at least a good half-day of sunshine almost every day. :)

    Linda, that is great! Your daughter's younger than I am. I don't remember ever seeing them when I was a kid. But maybe that's because I was in Hong Kong. Who knows!

    Beth, Yes, Beijing is full of potential adventures. I'm glad you had fun. :)


  7. WHat an adventure! :) Happy birthday to Anna!

  8. Esther VanderlaanMay 9, 2011 at 2:05 PM

    Happy Birthday Anna! Thanks for sharing that story- and Happy Mother's Day!!!

  9. Oh, wow. Riding on the bus while in labor. That doesn't sound like fun. With the speed my babies come out, I would have ended up giving birth on the bus. *shudders at the thought*

    I hope you and Anna both had a very special day, Amy.

  10. Happy Late Birthday to her! You have a lovely daughter, she looks so pretty!