Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On Restlessness

I've been so restless the last few days, it's not even funny.

You see, I'm querying.

And querying = roller coaster. Ups, downs. Highs, lows.

Most of all, I think it's the adrenaline rush. Let me explain:
  1. You send out a query. ("I hope he/she likes it! I hope he/she likes it!" = adrenaline rush)
  2. Wait. (Check inbox 20 times per day = boring)
  3. A request for partial or full. (Happy dancing + Squealing + Running around the room in circles, startling all young children in the immediate vicinity = adrenaline rush)
  4. Send off requested partial or full. ("What if he/she hates it? What if he/she hates it?" + Occasional nightmares of agents sending hate mail and brandishing weapons to ensure you never write again = adrenaline rush)
  5. Wait. (Jump every time the phone rings + Check inbox 200 times per day = boring)
See those waiting times there? That's when restlessness sets in. 

This is why working on a new project is GOOD.

This is also when it's important to use your self control-- force yourself to make good choices. For instance, "No, I do not need that extra brownie," and "Yes, it's okay to go on a walk and be away from the computer the house for an hour.")

Poor Dashingly Handsome Sidekick. This is a typical conversation when he comes home from work:

DHS: How was your day?
Me: Eeeh.
DHS: What happened?
Me: Nothing. Nothing happened. That's the problem: nothing happened. (Unspoken: I checked my inbox 200 times instead of doing all that laundry that's piled up like Mt. Everest in our bedroom! I'm sorry! I'm a miserable failure! Just put me out of my misery!)

The good news is, tomorrow will be AWESOME!

I'll announce the winner of THE DEVIL SHE KNOWS giveaway, and I'm participating in Kristin Creative's blogfest -- writing a letter to my future self. Phew, something to do to stop the insanity.

See you then!


  1. You got a request for a partial or full?! Which one? Both?


    Gotta hate that restlessness, though. I would totally be the SAME way.

    Can't wait to hear more!

  2. I know exactly how you feel, Amy. Except my restlessness has been about finishing this blasted revision. I feel like I'll finally be able to rest, a little, once it's out of my hands.

    Or maybe not:)

  3. P.S. I will send it out no later than Friday. I will. I have to. Bob and I need a break.

  4. Man, do I ever know this stage.

    I am here. ;)

    ~ Wendy

  5. I totally give the same answer to my husband at times: "Nothing happened!" Of course, I am not querying, but it's hard to measure progress on the revisions when I go back and undo what I did the next day ... Wah!

  6. Write while you are waiting. Trust me. Because if an agent comes back to you and says "I'm on the fence on this and would like you to revise or show me anything else you have," you are that much closer to actually having something else. (Not that I know anything about this AT ALL).