Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Light Blogkeeping

Just a few loose ends to tie up, plus a couple things to announce:

  1. The giveaway for Caroline Starr Rose's MAY B. is still in full swing. Just leave a comment after the previous post and you'll be entered to win an advanced reader copy (ARC) of Caroline's incredible debut MG novel. JUST CLICK HERE.
  2. For those of you wondering, my dashingly handsome sidekick was addicted to the book series The Hunger Games. Many of you guessed correctly! He's finished with them all now. His quick review: Liked the first one. Wasn't too impressed with the second two. I think he couldn't drop his science-teacher persona long enough to accept all the crazy things that happened in the second two. My ability to suspend disbelief must be more practiced than my non-fiction-reading hubby's. *grin*
  3. My ten-year-old did NOT win the library coloring contest. BUT she did win last week's library trivia, and got a frizbee as a prize. All is well. (The most disappointed one in our household was my five-year-old, who was told by her older sister that she would "definitely win" the coloring contest for her age group. I thought this little twist of human nature was interesting. I wonder how often we're disappointed because other people had high hopes for us.)
  4. Wendy Paine Miller asked me to guest post (!!) so I'm over at her blog today if you want to check out my post there. I did not realize how nerve-wracking guest posting would be for me. I seriously psyched myself out! But it came together at the end. (Phew!) CLICK HERE for the guest post.
  5. In other news, my dad is here visiting from Hong Kong, as are my aunt and uncle from the rainy side of the state. It's fun to have family here, and our busy summer is busier than ever. Writing time? HA! I'm looking forward to getting into a routine in the fall. I think I've given up on finding a regular summer writing schedule. *sigh*
How are things going for you? Any light blog keeping you want to take care of in the comments?


  1. Seems like family is visiting all over the place. Enjoy your time together. I need to get a new post up soon. I still have vacation brain.

  2. You rocked it, sister! I knew you would. Gut feeling!

    So cool to have you moving thoughts over at my place.

    ~ Wendy

  3. Hi Amy, love this post, which encapsulates summer!
    lol at the 10 and 5 y/o, and delighted that all ended well, and really delighted that 10 y/o won the frisbee.
    I think summer and routine shouldn't go together!
    I'm off to get your guest post.
    Happy Summer Days! (and nights!)

  4. "I wonder how often we're disappointed because other people had high hopes for us."
    Beautifully said. Thanks Amy!

  5. Awww, too bad for Miss ten-year-old, but yay for winning a frizbee! And isn't it worse when we feel like we let others down? Poor 5-year-old.

    No schedule here either . . . too many visitors breaking it all up. But it's so fun, I can't complain. Enjoy the last of your summer!

  6. Oh I love all the blogkeeping...and only those of us who religiously follow you know exactly what you're talking about--win!
    Guest blogging is nerve-wracking. My authors have to do it all the time and I think they sort of hate it. :)

  7. I can totally relate to the busy/no writing time summer. Holy cow. I'm off to check out your guest post :D