Friday, August 12, 2011

Olivia Reviews MAY B.

May B. is a exiting emotional book. I thought it was scary at first when May was trapped in Mr. Oblinger's house alone.The book was so exiting, I read it in one night!
~ Olivia, age 9

Yes, folks, there's a review of Caroline Starr Rose's MAY B. from a real live child reader! Aren't you dying to read it? Well, there's still approximately 6.5 hours left to enter the ARC giveaway for MAY B. Just click >here< and leave a comment


  1. Wow! That's a stunning review. I'll have to enter! :D
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  2. Olivia,
    I would have been so scared if I'd had to go through what May did. Good thing I good thing all I had to do was think up her story instead of live it.

    That's why she's such a brave girl...she's faced all sorts of things I could only imagine!

    Thank you for being one of my first kid readers!