Friday, August 19, 2011

A Mother's Work is Never Done

Maybe I should have realized this before, but some lessons take longer to learn than others:

If I try to get everything else done before I write, I will never write.

When I was a kid, my parents taught me to do the hard/boring/distasteful activities (like homework and dishes) first and save the easy/fun/incredible activities (like writing -- yes, even then it was writing) for last. To this day, I generally follow this rule of thumb.

I'm grateful to my parents. This is a valuable lesson and has saved me from becoming a huge procrastinator.


Washing dishes/folding laundry/mopping=Yuck


But I'm finding if I try to get everything done around the house first-- empty out that laundry basket, clean the kitchen, wipe the toothpaste spit off the bathroom mirror-- then I will NEVER, EVER sit down to write.

Not that I'm planning to let the house go to pot.

But I need to be willing to brush a few things under the rug. It's a sacrifice, yes, but *saintly sigh* one I am willing to make in the name of my "career." *ahem*

How about you? Are you an work-first-then-play type of person, or are you able to play first without inflicting a major guilt trip on yourself?

**Great news! I have a new nephew-- Jonathan Mark. He came out screaming, which, when you're born at 33 weeks is a VERY GOOD THING. He's a strapping three pounds, three ounces. As far as I know, Mommy and baby are doing well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!


  1. First, congrats Auntie! How fun and so glad that all is going well!
    Hmm, I'm a work first, then play person...but, like you, I seem to not get much "play" time with writing. So, now that we are moved in and pretty much unpacked and put away I need to make a schedule. Need a scheduled writing time OR it doesn't happen for me. There is ALWAYS laundry to fold or floors to mop or bathrooms to clean. Neverending....

  2. So glad your nephew is healthy and strong!

  3. I've never had much of a problem putting off housework to write:) (I should probably have more of a problem with it, actually...)

    Such good news about your new nephew! We're still thinking about/praying for mother and baby.

    P.S. I love the new blog background. Matches your manuscript so well:)

  4. So glad your nephew is doing well!

    I have to schedule both my writing and my housework into the day. If I don't, I'll focus too much on one or the other-- or neither. Scheduling it makes it possible to do some of both the fun and the work!

  5. Here is what a good friend told me: If you are doing anything other than writing (whether it be housework or Facebook or shoveling snow), you are procrastinating from writing.

    Granted, you can build in some caveats concerning the needs of young 'uns, but it's a refreshing outlook that helps me keep on track.

  6. I put writing on my to-do list with the housework to make it a priority. I also put reading to Dax and Gwen on there. I like crossing things off. ;o)

    Unfortunately, I rarely cross off everything on my lists.

    Congrats on your nephew!

  7. So happy to know your nephew arrived healthy and crying!

    I tend to do my work first before I write, but I also schedule in writing time. Paying work always takes a priority, so often my pet writing projects get put aside when I do a WFH project. I love my writing life because it is integrated with family life. Of course, I am greedy and wish for more time for everything :)

  8. Congrats on your new nephew!

    I tend do the same thing. Everything comes first before my writing. It's hard when you have little ones because they always seem to need you. Mine are older now so it allows me time to squeeze writing in or a take a quick trip to the library to write.

  9. Congratulations Auntie Amy! I'm afraid housework comes way down my list of 'things to do'. I'm sitting here now surrounded by breakfast dishes and half cooked lunch and I'm blogging. I do admire you getting all that horrid stuff done first.

  10. I totally agree. If I did all my "chores" every day, I'd never write one word. So I stock pile them into days and ask more of my kids and husband. I also let go of everything being clean/organized. I'm happier now:)

  11. I have two hours set away each day to clean out the dishwasher and fold laundry. Even while I do that, I write the story in my head. 'I gazed on the pile of dishes in the sink and sighed. The baby starts to cry from the high chair. His older brother took his sippy cup and ran off with it. Another sigh.' Just for an example. I don't think I ever stop writing even when I'm working, lol.