Saturday, November 5, 2011

Snoopy Mom Strikes

Shhh! You must never disclose that you saw this on my blog. This is a big, big secret. My ten-year-old daughter does not know I scanned this letter she wrote and does not realize I'm posting it on my blog.
She would absolutely kill me, so please don't breathe a word. 
But ... isn't this CUTE?
Man, it makes me want to write books for younger people so that if they're published I could get cool fan mail like this. With mermaids!

Do teenagers ever send fan mail with mermaids? Probably not, right?

For the record, Olivia's been a Grace Lin fan for a long time. She reviewed Grace Lin's celebrated WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON on my blog >>here<< when she was eight. I think she only got one comment on the review because I didn't have very many blog friends at that point (*sniffle*). In fact, I think the only commenter was my brother. Um, lame? 
But it's still a cute review.

Now to secretly return this letter to the place I found it so Olivia will never, ever know I stole borrowed it! Muahahahahaha!


  1. That's wonderful. I love it when kids are excited enough by an author to do something like this - and you should repost the review :-)

  2. That's a really lovely letter. Maybe you should let her know that you've posted it up so that she knows how special it is... and so that she doesn't come across it one day when she's browsing your old blogs!

  3. Oh be careful, Amy, cos sometimes they know things, and how to access things, that they don't tell you about!
    It's the cutest letter ever!

  4. Awww!!!! This is why I love kids! They are so passionate and get so involved with the things around them.

  5. Oh, that is so cool! So are you going to help her send it? I'm sure Ms. Lin would love it. And I agree, you should re-post her review. It's a wonderful thing when kids get this excited about lit and they should be encouraged.

  6. Best. Fan. Mail. Ever! If Grace Lin is even half as delighted as we all are, she'll be quite delighted, indeed:)

  7. Thanks so much for sharing. My kids "grew up" with Grace Lin -- from PBs to her easy readers and MG and just adore her stories. I had the chance to meet Grace and she was lovely and gracious. My kids were so envious. I hope you send that letter to her.

  8. I mentioned this to my daughter this morning in the car and it did not go over well. "No! That was private!" Now I'm definitely feeling like the snoopy mom. :( But, you know, sometimes it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission? This is one of those cases.... I hope she'll forgive me someday! Maybe when she's an adult and she realizes how cute this is!! Thanks for all the great comments to encourage me to be upfront!


  9. Hey Amy- I love the mermaid! I hope Olivia will forgive you soon:) Fanmail of any sort would be awesome. Fanmail with mermaid drawing= arriving!

    I hope you're doing well! I'm trying not to neglect my blog friends quite so much:)

  10. That is adorable. And I loved Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.


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