Monday, November 7, 2011

Movie Monday: Hong Kong Homeland

My good friend and critique buddy, Krista V., wrote a neat post entitled Writing What You Are ... and she used me as an example in her post! (Thanks, Krista!) Not because I'm brilliant or have everything figured out, but because over the last few years I've been writing novels that reflect my experiences in Hong Kong and China. It's a good place to start--with what you know, what you feel passionate about. Head over to Krista's blog and read >>her post<<. It's really good (and not just because I'm in it, promise).

But before you jet, stay for a couple minutes and watch this short video about Hong Kong, where I grew up. This video makes me homesick and proud every time I watch it! Enjoy!

[ Homeland ] - with my DIY motion-dolly from Asa Li on Vimeo.

What unique life experiences do you bring to your writing?


  1. Amy, that is so cool! It looks exciting, fresh, and organized! No wonder you loved it so much.

  2. Yes, Julie, it's wonderfully organized. It was "owned" by the British for 99 years and they did a great job with public transport and road designs. To think that 7 million plus people can live comfortably in such a small space is amazing!

    Thanks for the comments guys! I'm proud of Hong Kong! :)


  3. It's great, Amy, that you write fiction based on your life experience, making it authentic and real for the readers. Hopefully you can bring your Chinese experience to American readers, and your American experience to Chinese readers, and capture both worlds and bring them closer. I don't have any experience of living in China, except of living with a woman from Hong Kong, so I used Yahoo and Google searches to experience China to make my novel "Chinese". Hopefully, one day you can go back to Hong Kong and sign your books in book stores there.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Amy! And thanks for sharing a little piece of Hong Kong with us.

  5. Wow, those sidewalks look nothing like the ones in Thailand. Those ones are accidents waiting to happen--especially for accident proned people like me.

  6. Cool Video! Thanks for sharing.

    And I bring pomegranates, at least in the manuscript you read.

  7. I've never been to Hong Kong, but I'd love to go.

    You are so right about starting with what we're passionate about and what we know. I bet your novels are great, Amy. :)

  8. That was so fun to watch and a great post by your friend. I think in every story I write, there is a little piece of my heart in it.

  9. Thanks for sharing that video - Hong Kong looks like a beautiful place!

  10. Great video! It makes me want to visit! I love the song too. I'm excited to read your books someday!

    Jennifer HJ

  11. Hi Amy,
    what a beautiful post on HK... I understand how you feel because I grew up there -23 years- and HK was and still is home. I couldn't sum it up any better than this video and still there's so much that you can't put in words. It's amazing how much diversity, culture, openness and vibrancy this city-country combo has... I miss HK like....... no words here!
    Anju Gattani

  12. What a cool video! I love that it's all in time-lapse. It's awesome that you pull in that experience of growing up there into your writing.

    I use little tidbits of everything in my writing. Of course, a lot of it is unconscious, but sometimes I purposely tie in places, people, or experiences too.

  13. When I see things like this, I feel very un-unique! (...except, perhaps, in my ability to make up words...)
    I suppose it is more my view of the world than my experiences in it that make it into my stories...
    And, once again, I can't wait to read yours!


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