Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's Up With Your WiP?

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I haven't done a post like this in awhile, so I thought it might be fun to fill everyone in on where I am with my Works-in-Progress (WiPs).

And then I want to hear from all of you. What are you working on?

Seagull Rising: This is my contemporary YA currently on submission with editors. I'm not actively working on it. Trying not to think about it at all, actually. (Survival)

The Crazy Part: I finished the second draft on this one approximately a week ago. I was at the hair-pulling stage, so when a couple of my awesome critique partners asked if I had anything for them to read, I said YES in big letters. I'm hoping their feedback, plus a little distance from the project, will help me dive back into it with a new clarity in a few weeks.

Red Butterfly: Meanwhile, I'm working on this novel again. This one has been hard. Writing the first draft was torture. Writing the second draft was like nails on a chalkboard. And still, after all that suffering, the voice was wrong for YA. I wrote a new opening a while ago and then let it sit while I finished the CRAZY draft. When I read it again the other day it was like, "UGH! THIS BELONGS IN THE TRASH!" So I'm starting afresh. I am accepting that maybe this isn't a YA story at all. So I'm going MG. But since it's such a heavy subject (abandonment, betrayal, secrets and lies), I'm switching to verse.

I have about thirty-five poems so far.  I'm shooting for over 100.

I'll keep you posted....

Now it's your turn to share! On to the comments!


  1. Okay, you are writing a novel in verse. !!!!! Wow! I read my first one last year (Out of the Dust) and was blown away. Beautiful. Best of luck with yours.

    I am just struggling to finish a first draft of my MG novel. Hairpulling may commence soon.

  2. I'm just like Janet - struggling (perfect word for it!) to finish my first draft. Also of a MG novel. Trying to keep going without revising each page constantly.

    Your WIP's sound very intriguing!

  3. How long do editors usually take to get back to agents when a ms is out on submission. I've been too afraid to ask! My WiP is with my agent and we're nearing the end of revisions. My crossing my fingers for you, Amy, on all of your projects!

  4. Susan, I think it depends on the publisher. (Which, I know, helps A LOT, right?) The timing reminds me a lot of querying, but the nice thing about being on sub is that your agent can keep checking in on the submission for you every couple weeks. :)

  5. Color me impressed! Verse?

    I'm currently editing/re-writing my current WIP - a YA novel. I'm falling in love with it all over again after a long break over the winter.

    I'm also mentally playing with a new idea. I'm almost ready for the notebook stage where I start jotting down all the thoughts I've had on characters and plot so far.

  6. I honestly don't even want to talk about it right now. I'm tired of pulling my hair out so I'm taking a brief breather before working on the second draft and polishing my query letter.

  7. Verse! Wow! My brain hurts just thinking about that. I admire those who can do it well, because I love to read it, so I hope this draft works better for you! Good Luck! :-)

  8. A verse novel! That's been on my writing bucket list for a while, good luck! I want to write, rewrite, revise, and draft my current WIPs. They're all at different stages which is exciting. :)

  9. Holy smokes! You're working on 3 wips simultaneously?!!!

    I just finished some work-for-hire gigs so I'm back to revising my novel, which will be polished by the end of summer. Right? Right.

    Of course, I may end up spending the whole summer playing with hamsters, taking a nap with the ornery old cat, and at the beach ...

  10. Verse!? You're amazing girl!

    And good luck on your submissions!!!

    Let's see...

    Just finished my YA Contemp Collab with the amazing Jen Morris. Now for edits and then beta readers :)

    Got four beta reads back for my solo YA SF. Some wonderful suggestions so I will be diving in on revisions.

    AND just submitted an older MS, a YA Fantasy for a contest on Sharon Bayliss's blog. It got a request. So that is back out there now too.

    So much excitement. Haha. I figure if I keep writing SOMETHING's gotta give! :) haha

  11. Wow! You've got so many projects going on! An MG verse novel sounds amazing--good luck with that one!

  12. Wow, you've been busy!
    I'm working on a contmeporary romance--which was my fast draft. Now I need to revise it.
    And I'm trying to squeeze out a Christmas novella due next week.

  13. I'm amazed that you can work three stories at once. I get so pulled into the life of my imaginary characters, I zone out a little from my real life. If I were to try working on three stories, I would be unreachable by reality.

    I haven't started it yet, but I need to start book two in The Crystal Master series.

  14. Oh I loved hearing this. A MG novel in verse. I can't wait to read that. I can't wait to read all of them actually. I'm rewriting a YA novel and set aside another novel I started (10,000 words in) because it's been like that TORTURE you speak of. Torture... Some books are like that. It's funny I thought of writing that one in verse and then I wanted to kill myself after thinking it.

  15. Wow, on the novel in verse. I know a number of writers working on one. Not me. Ellen Hopkins wow's me with hers, but I know my limits.

    My revision request novel is out with my CP and beta readers. In the meantime, I'm cleaning my fence and editing my YA horror novel. Right now, both are equal on conflict. :(

  16. With regard to your YA WIP, sometimes any type of writing is best set aside to work on at another time.

    Just like an unfinished scrambled egg, a Wip nneds more work done on it. Of course, this isn't the same as procrastination as you well know.

    But there are indeed those times when the missing ingredient comes along in your experience and makes it possible to write and/or finish it.

    By the way, I started following your blog from "Giving Voice."

  17. Your 'BELONGS IN THE TRASH' comment I can relate to, although since leaving my WIP Once Forgotten, for several months, on my return I actually rather still like it and can see how to edit and refine it to make it better. So don't give up hope.
    Good luck with the others.
    Cute kitties :O)

  18. oh i envy your ability to write in verse! that's one thing i can't see myself attempting :) I'm sure your new story will be beautiful! And I'm sorry you've been having troubles!

  19. Switching to verse is, I think, an excellent strategy! I find writing in verse to be absolutely freeing.