Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cover Love: Out of the Easy

My good bud, Melissa Sarno, recommended this book and had such wonderful things to say about it, I had to pick it up.

Melissa wasn't lying. This is an amazing read.

And this cover! *Swoon, gasp, die*

I love the textures and the colors, just everything about it. I could curl in a fetal position with this book close to my face and not need to surface for days.

Do you like it? Have you read it?


  1. Love the cover. Love the title. Putting it on my tbr list.

  2. It is a gorgeous cover, and a gorgeous book, too. I will warn you that it is VERY hard to read--at least it was for me, because the main character's life was just so painful that I almost didn't want to let myself in too much. Despite that, it was amazing and inspiring--I just won't be able to reread it for a while!

  3. That cover IS gorgeous. I've heard of both of Ms. Sepetys's books but haven't read either. How do they rate on the sex/language/violence scale?

  4. I love how the cover is just as beautiful as the book! It annoys me when there are lame covers on amazing books or amazing covers on lame books.

  5. Oh! I love the cover too. Just gorgeous. (And thank you for the shout-out.)


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