Friday, March 8, 2013

Blog Hopping Again!

You're invited to join the 

My So-Called Teenage Life Blog Hop
Part Deux 

March 25, 2013 

hosted by Andrea of Maybe It's Just Me, Christa Desir and Yours Truly

We couldn't get enough of this last time, so we're doing it again.

Here's how the blog hop works:
Step One: Sign up on the linky below
Step Two: Dust off those old sappy diaries bursting with teenage angst or high school notebooks filled with bad poetry*
Step Three: Skim through them until you find something share-worthy
Step Four: On Monday, March 25 POST IT on your blog
Optional: We all love seeing old photos, so if you have one lying around of you as a teen, post that, too.

If you'd like an example, >>here<< is my blog hop post from last year. 

We'll all be hopping around peeking into each other's private teenage lives on March 25. C'mon! What else do you have to do? (Definitely nothing this fun!)

*Didn't write in a journal or compose poetry as a teenager? Have no fear! Counterfeit entries are welcome. Pretend you're a teenager and write whatever you feel. Just make sure you're using your teenage voice.
And if you're still a teenager, hey, you're going to basically rock this blog hop.
Sign up here.


  1. Oh I just can't decide which entry in the magical flannel covered book is the best...and by best, I mean worst!

  2. Amy, I went back and read your last year's entry, and it is HILARIOUS! You're all over the shop! You're so brave to post this when you;re friends with these people...even after all the intervening years.
    I have signed up too! I'll have to make my way to the attic and root through some boxes!

  3. Hmmm . . . well if counterfeit is okay, I think I will. :) Good times, those teen years!

  4. I'm going to miss out on this. I'll be hanging out with Mickey Mouse instead. :D

  5. I may have to change some names to protect anonymity, but I have loads of angst to choose from... I don't think I've thrown out a thing! This will be great!