Monday, March 4, 2013

National Grammar Day

Today are National Grammar Day.

Which means we should all pay extra, attention to how and where, we punctuate and try our very best to avoid run-on seteneces, spelling mistakes and making sure our tenses were always consistent.

Because we need to be, clear, when we communicate right?! And if your going to call yourself a writer then you have to 2 B clear. YES?!?!?! Because its not really about rulez its about getting you're point across to you're audience. without Being DISTRACTING.

So please do yourself a favor today and have a blast on National Grammar Day today don't stay out too late get plenty of sleep. Because you never know when those Grammar police will knock on your door and give you a grammar pop quiz. Their mean like htat.
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  1. I love run-on sentences and switching tense halfway through...

  2. It reely is dixtracting, isn't it!?! Almost two disstracting! LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Amy... Amy... you still there? Or did that grammar police pick you up for that horrible post! :)

    Didn't even know what today was. And now it's almost gone. I missed the celebration. *sigh*

  4. How did I miss this? Especially since the grammar police came and carted off my 9 yo for his non-punctuated school essay. ;)