Monday, March 24, 2014

The Juggling Act & My Trip to Hong Kong

Hello, blog! Hello, bloggy friends!

Today I'm over on my agent Kate Testerman's blog chatting with my bud (and agent sister and valued critique partner) Krista Van Dolzer about how we juggle writing and motherhood.

If you're interested, head over there!

Also, I'm taking a trip to Hong Kong next week to visit my parents and sister, and while I'm there, I'll be doing lots of research for two new novels. I'll be posting some of the fruits of my research--photos and interesting bits of information. I hope you'll come back and visit.

How are you spending your spring break? 


  1. You look vaguely familiar....what's your name again? ;) Happy travels to you!

  2. Spring break just ended. Sending the kids back to school today. Didn't do much. My husband took my son to a hockey tournament out of town, so me and my daughter and time together. That's about it. Ready to send them back to school though. :)

    Have an awesome trip!!!

  3. What spring break? We will have ours at Easter ...
    Safe travels and God speed.

  4. I wish we were having spring break. It's still almost a month away for us. I hope you have the most wonderful time!


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