Monday, March 31, 2014

Hong Kong Trip: We're Here!

My boy and I made it safely to Hong Kong!

It was a grueling fourteen-hour flight, but it was all worth it to see these smiling faces of family when we landed.

We're looking forward to a great trip here.

Our first item on the agenda, as soon as it's morning, is to eat Dim Sum, which is traditional Cantonese breakfast.

Traveling with my son, Gabe, has been a pleasure. He had to learn a lot about patience yesterday, but it's so fun to experience this with him because he is so filled with wonder at everything ... from the size of our plane, to the escalators and moving sidewalks at the airport, to the number of floors in his aunt Michelle's apartment building. The last time he was in Hong Kong, he was five years old and he doesn't remember a lot. I'm so excited to introduce this American small-town boy to Asian city life.

Watch out, Hong Kong! Here we come!


  1. So neat that you get to do this with Gabe! Have a great trip and enjoy! :)

  2. Love your smiling faces ... and how special for Gabe! He'll remember everything this time. God speed home.

  3. Enjoy it! It's lovely to travel with one child, a real luxury, and then to connect with your family in the beautiful city of Hong Kong!

  4. How exciting! Your family must be so thrilled, along with Gabe (and you!) Have an incredible journey!

  5. Have a wonderful time and share with us!!

  6. Hi Amy .. how lovely to spend the time with Gabe - a special trip and journey with his Mum for him ... then the family time - how fantastic you can make the trip and spend time together once again ..

    One day I shall get to Hong Kong ... cheers and enjoy it all - you will I know - Hilary


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