Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is a test that I don't think is going to work.

If you've noticed that I've been a little more quiet than usual lately, it's just because my blog has been blocked by the guv'ment of the country in which I currently live. (I'm not going to mention any names because I don't want to get arrested.) There's a big anniversary coming up on the fourth of June. You can google it if you don't know what I'm talking about. So, the guv'ment has decided to block blogspot just in case anyone decides to spread anti-guv'ment feeling....

Right now I'm using a free "shield" program I downloaded to give me a new IP address, but I still can't post the long-winded book review I wrote yesterday. It's frustrating.

I'm testing to see if a shorter post will be able to make it through the blockage.

If you're able to read this, it's nothing short of a miracle. Just know I will be dancing around my living room with joy if I'm actually able to post anything.

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