Monday, April 18, 2011

What's Your Favorite Holiday?

Mine is Easter.

For many reasons.

I love why we celebrate Easter: "Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life." John 3: 14-15

Easter candy is my favorite, specifically Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Easter is in Spring when all the bulb flowers are pushing their way out of the earth and all the orchard trees have blossomed.

I have an excuse to buy my kids new clothes for Easter Sunday. And if I don't buy them new clothes, my sweet mother-in-law will or my sweet Aunt Sandi will make my daughters handmade, gorgeous dresses, so either way, they'll look great (at least for one day out of the year!).

I love egg hunts!

And as icing on the cake, I love that Easter is not as commercialized as Christmas. It's relaxed. Sure, there are candy and bunnies for sale, but there's not the mad rush to decorate and purchase and primp.

What's your favorite holiday?

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  1. Mine is Thanksgiving. It's the one holiday that is all about family (and food), and not about presents or expectations. It's also the holiday that my boys, who are disbursed around the state, are likely to be home for.
    -Aunt Sandi :)

  2. I love Easter too, but I really love the Fourth of July! I love the summer picnics, the concerts, the fireworks, the whole neighborhood getting together for a party...I just love it. :)

  3. Still Christmas in spite of the hype, but I, too, love the Cadbury Mini Eggs.
    I have fond memories of Easters with new hats,white gloves swirly skirted new dress, black patent Mary Jane shoes and corsages sent by Grandpa. He would also send a box of oranges from Florida.

  4. I love both Easter and Christmas, though I think Christmas wins by an edge. However I think Easter is perhaps more meaningufl as the message behind it is so profound.

    It's a time for celebrating what Jesus did for us, but also being saddened by what He had to go through to achieve what he did.

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome post!

  5. Hey Amy- I love Easter too, and aside from the religious reasons, it's all about the jelly beans;)

    Thanks for the update with Ways to Fall. I just finished beta-ing Krista's ms on Saturday, and I'm starting yours tonight, should be done within the week.

  6. Hi Amy, mine's still Christmas, just can't top it for me.
    I do love Easter clothes, new ones, that is! On little girls, and on me.

  7. Thanksgiving is my favorite non-religious holiday. But Easter is what I'm looking towards even at Christmas ...

    Have a blessed and beautiful journey towards Easter during this Holy Week.